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More than just a courier service, UPS also provides specialist transportation, logistics, finance and e-commerce solutions. From humble beginnings it has grown into a global brand through acquisitions, and by investing heavily in technology, processes and its workforce.

Company Growth

UPS Tracking  Copyright by UPSIt is hard to imagine, but the global giant that is United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) was started by two teenagers with a bicycle back in 1907. The company now has an annual turnover of $50 billion, and employs just short of half a million people in 200 countries, delivering 3.8 billion items annually.

The company started in North America and steadily grew to encompass the whole area before accessing Europe with a German headquarters in 1976. A UPS airline was established in 1988 and in 1992 acquisitions lead to their expansion into supply chain solutions, followed in 1999 by the company going public with a share flotation. Since 2000 UPS has expanded rapidly through further acquisitions, creating a store brand and heavy freight business, while buying up competition in the US and the UK. However, an attempt in 2012 to purchase TNT Express, as an aid to entering the Asian and expand European markets, was blocked by the EU competition commission.


UPS are credited with the original use of the spoke and hub intermodal transport chain. The route along which collections are made forms the first spoke, with timed pickups being coordinated with local deliveries through computerised schedule. At the end of the route consignments from the surrounding areas are consolidated in a hub. Here the packages are sorted into different geographical locations; local deliveries go out again, down a different spoke route, while others are sent on to a larger hub for regional or national distribution; or an international hub if they are leaving the country. The flow is seamless and carried out with a minimum of journeys. As the package gets closer to its destination the hub sizes grow smaller until the final stage takes place, fragmentation, when the packages are delivered to the recipient.

Efficient tracking technology has enabled UPS to keep costs to a minimum, ensuring competitive rates and the company’s viability. UPS now invests more in technology each year than it does in its fleet of trucks and vans.

UPS pricing options

UPS Shipments - Copyright by UPSUPS pricing is individually tailored to the task involved, and is calculated mainly according to the pick up point, the destination, service level, package size and weight. This enables customers to choose between different levels of speed, service and cost, to suit their requirements. There is an application on their web site that generates the various options available, known simply as Calculate Time and Cost. For ease of use the costs are shown in the currency of the country of origin, can be calculated for multiple items and provide door to door dates that include customs clearance if necessary.

Flexible Solutions

UPS aim to offer a flexible service that gives customers the widest range of transport options and price points so that they can balance costs against urgency. For regular collections a specific daily time can be arranged to fit in with production cycles, so that resources can be scheduled efficiently. The customer can add a selection of additional packages, using different services, going to a multitude of destinations, without having to arrange a separate collection. For occasional users UPS have their trademarked ‘Smart Pickup’ service; booked online, the collection is automatically scheduled into the drivers next run, even if he is already on the road. For the person receiving the delivery there is UPS MY Choice, which allows them to track the delivery schedule and alter it to suit their movements; the drop off can be rescheduled, redirected or signed for online so that it can be left in a convenient location.

Package Safety

UPS provide a secure and well monitored delivery service but the lengths to which this can be taken are highlighted by their Proactive Response Secure service, primarily for time and temperature critical deliveries. The packages are monitored in near-real time and watched over by agents of the company who are authorised to intervene in the case of any emergency developing, which might risk the integrity of the goods being transported. Situations occur outside the control of the delivery company, traffic accidents, roads blocked by floods or landslips for example; and in these circumstances every effort is taken to make sure that the package is kept safe, such as using more dry ice, finding additional refrigeration, or even expediting the goods onto the next available flight. Should all this fail to protect the sensitive materials there is a simplified insurance claims service included to cover the loss.

UPS Tracking Procedures

The systems required to ship 3.8 billion items each year mean that UPS is ideally suited to provide tracking facilities for its customers; which it does so in a variety of ways. The processes can follow a package along every step of its journey and different service levels virtually allow tracking in real-time. With the e-mail service the individual identity numbers of up to 25 items can be included in one message which will receive a detailed tracking update by return. When a booking is made customers have the option to create their own tracking number, which might be the purchase order number for example, cutting down on paperwork and bureaucracy. Vendors can include the UPS tracking facility in their own web sites, cutting down their need to answer customer queries directly, while encouraging repeat visits to their site. When the initial booking is made the UPS system automatically validates the delivery address, which avoids introducing unnecessary errors before the parcel is despatched.

Apart from expanding into new geographical areas UPS is now focusing on flexibility, efficiency and its impact on the environment, and customer service, to increase its market share. Their next planned innovation is the introduction of delivery drones, unmanned flying parcel carriers, and if anyone has the technology do this, it is probably UPS.

UPS support

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

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  1. Richard

    Can you please give more details about my package?

  2. All in one tracking team Post author

    18.08.2017 – 17:03 Miami Delivered

  3. danisla serrano

    Good afternoon, I have a package with you that appears as delivered but it is not true. I need to check where they delivered it and please send it to me traking 1Z4E16280245444358

  4. All in one tracking team Post author

    The tracking would state it or when you actually got it on your hands

  5. yany

    Disculpen…no sé hablar en Inglé entiendo qué pasó de mi paquete..tenían que llevarme a fast box de Miami…quisiera saber en donde se encuentra mi paquete
    Este es mi tracking number 1Z882W150361663340

  6. Yolanda wright

    How would i know if my packed have been delivered

  7. Kheiralla ALLAF

    HI I asked amazon to arrange delivery of this item to a company in Bronx New York : CROSS ATLANTIC, to be shipped in a container.
    They said this item never arrived or they lost it. Can I have a copy of the Delivery Voucher please. Thanks !

  8. zayyan

    why is my stuff in Philadelphia and not where i am



  10. J Garneau

    my package is stop at Plattsburgh since Dec. 21
    04. h 16….and we are Dec. 22. 15 pm
    WY the package stay at Plattsburgh
    no is. 1z9366946890614132

    J Garneau

  11. L. Daniels

    I would like to know how someone “tried to deliver my packages” and left no notice of them being here? What am I supposed to do now? The post office has no records of the tracking numbers I provided.

  12. Michael Chase

    The tracking information indicates an attempt to deliver by USPS at 6:15pm and they were unable to deliver package and a note was left. I don’t know where they tried to deliver it, but it wasn’t where I live. I was home all day and night and no package, no note left.
    Where is my package?!
    My UPStracking # is 1Z2FF960YN03301730.

  13. Jose G Alvarez
    Thacker you for my order please deliver the will ship to Jose G Alvarez

  14. Nia Ali

    This is such an inconvenience my package was supposed to be here on Friday. You guys delivered it to the wrong place now I have to wait an extra 3 days to get my package and trying to find out where it is because I need my ATM / credit card such an inconvenience. This was on you guys part. Have called several times about my package to try to find out when it will be getting here because we have a gate around our apartment. I have to work later on tonight which means I have to stay up to keep looking out for UPS once again this is such an inconvenience if someone could please please give me a call at 209-546-2761 to give me a round about time that they will be in my area I would really appreciate it. My tracking number is 1z87697f1340929877 I do not want my package to be sent back to Chase Bank I need my card today thank you

  15. Fantine

    That’s a skillful answer to a dicffiult question

  16. Carlos Rodriguez

    Mr wrote yesterday trying to have an answer about my order 1ZX22W56YW14235384 but there was no response from any of you I need to know who was given this order

  17. Carlos Rodriguez

    Gentlemen very good days I am very disappointed of your service I have lost my shipment which I buy in amazon with the guide 1ZX22W56YW14235384 leaves that was delivered but they do not say to whom the neighbors say that it does not have anything I need to know to whom it was delivered my package
    I demand an answer

  18. Adriana Navarro Reyes. Hayward

    My UPS track #: 1Z3899WY0391525203.
    The computer registre that the package was delivered.
    I have not received the package yet!!!
    What’s wrong??. What can I do??

  19. Oswald Manuel Navarro Lopez

    Today an UPS Busdriver number 177587 picked up my item at Sanysidro CA at 14hrs, I explained him that my package is a refund that I m making from Amazon due to the item is damaged and Amazon send me the track number 1ZW993X22663411449 , he picked my package and told me that today at night I can check the status of my package and follow the progress, that is what I m doing right now but they status has not changed I ask to the Busdriver, if he has to give me any recipe for the item or something to confirm that he picked up my package, but he didn’t do it, he just takes my item and ask me to track my package. This is the first time that I make a refund in this way and I gave my package to a Busdriver so could you help me please to tell me if everything is OK and the status package

  20. Evelyn Estrada

    I’m waiting to order the incubator want to know when you will arrive by the last date of the deadline was yesterday 01/04/2016 Atte. Evelyn Estrada.

  21. Robert Florence

    My package never arrived it says it was delivered by the poste office 02/12016 but it has not shown up here yet . Tracking Nonber 1Z825YV8YW49404204 please help me find it it has my meds in it and I paid 285.00 for this medicine I can’t get it refilled for three months as it was a three month supply I really need my meds please help me find them

  22. Michael Gremillion

    I would love to be able to find out my shipment status day by day. Or receive alerts when it is in transit. If possible. Thank you very much

  23. admin Post author

    Hi Brian, we would lovely help you, but could you give us some more informations? What is the tracking number of the UPS package?

  24. Lovemalie

    I just need to know if I have some stuff here please help me

  25. Brian Cimorelli

    Where’s my package?

  26. admin Post author

    We are not in charge of it.

  27. admin Post author

    Please track again and see if it moved on

  28. admin Post author

    Contact the sender and then claim refund

  29. yoseelin gomez

    What I can do if I dont have a traackin number
    And I order a packed it should be here on the 24 but I still dont get anything ?

  30. Inez Anthony

    Why is my package still in innovate

  31. Lynette

    Hi I’m trying to get my tracking number for my package that was send out on Friday from the netspend company. Can you get back to me thank you.

  32. admin Post author

    Please call UPS. This shipment seem to be on hold. It can’t be staying in Seattle all the time.

  33. N.C. Rentals Inc ( Irene Elliott

    I have been trying to find out why the package I sent Oct 7,2015 is still sitting in seattle
    Purolator Pin # 49964316530
    UPS #1Z662F4X6848843430
    Help to get it on its way would be appreciated or have it sent back to us.
    It is just parts that were wrong that we sent back to Terex
    Thanks Irene Elliott

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