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DHL is currently branded as “The World’s Largest Shipping Company”. The organisation has four central mission objectives. Simplify the lives of customers, to allow customers, employers and investors to enjoy greater success, to positively contribute to the world and to demonstrate respect.

DHL: The company

Focused on worldwide transport and logistics, DHL is relied upon by thousands of individuals and companies alike every day.

DHL employs modern methods to establish, collate, ship and track an order from inception to completion. Thus, a hierarchical flow can be seen and the company adheres to this protocol; breaking the process down into sex steps as follows:

  • Order transmission
  • Preparation
  • Routing
  • Picking
  • Shipment
  • Invoicing

DHL Express Tracking Copyrights by DHLTherefore, the first step will be the transmission of the order from the costumer to the DHL team. This can be accomplished by fax, telephone, data exchange or email. After the order is received by one of these dedicated means, DHL will begin the preparation process. Of course, this will be streamlined whenever possible to meet the company’s requirements. Some of the main metrics that will be considered are (but will not be limited to) checking that all information is correct, confirming the pricing conditions, making certain that the customer’s credit is valid and confirming any specific delivery conditions. This will assure quality control during the remainder of the processes.

The next step will involve the routing of all relevant information. This entails confirming the delivery as well as the processing of all internal job orders to the relevant DHL personnel. Then an action known as “picking” takes place. In essence, this separates orders based upon size, urgency and multiple deliveries. Shipping will thereafter be considered; factors such as delivery routes, the type of transport and associated paperwork now coming into play.

Finally, the customer will be invoiced. This can occur after the previous processes have been completed or during these steps. One of the advantages of the pre-invoicing process is that much of the paperwork can be completed well ahead of time.

DHL Tracking Procedure

Of course, part of the efficiency that DHL boasts is due to their robust and comprehensive tracking process. Again, this can be broken down into three discrete phases as follows:

  • Advance information flow.
  • Accompanying information flow.
  • Follow-up information flow.

In the first step of the tracking process, advance information flow is designed to confirm to the customer the scheduled delivery time. This allows the customer to make any necessary arrangements well ahead of schedule to ensure the proper receipt of the product being shipped.

As the name denotes, accompanying information flow revolves around providing all pertinent information that may revolve around the specific shipment of a certain item (hazardous materials, for example). This can even involve special sensors monitoring and tracking the shipment along the way; thus ensuring the utmost levels of safety. An ancillary benefit of the accompanying information flow is that the product can be tracked while en route. This will enable DHL to inform the customer of any changes as may be warranted in some circumstances.

Lastly, the follow-up information flow is all information that can be perused after the shipment has been completed. A post-delivery invoice is an example of this. Still, this is perhaps the most important past of the tracking process. This is due to the fact that information can also be sent in reverse order. In other words, checkpoints that were passed along the delivery route can be confirmed. An international border is such a checkpoint. This will allow DHL (and the customer) to be able to systematically track the shipment of goods along the entire route; ensuring higher levels of satisfaction.

DHL Safety Precautions

DHL Express Tracking Copyrights by DHLDHL places a number of safety features into the entire shipping process. This is obviously important for a company that ships countless products to various destinations around the world each and every day. Notwithstanding the aforementioned shipment monitoring procedures in regards to hazardous or delicate items, DHL also works closely with many governmental organisations. A prominent example of this is their collaboration with C-TPAT (The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). DHL uses these measures to ensure the security of their products as well as the prevention of illegal items along every step of the supply chain. Payment methods are secure and all customer information is kept strictly confidential. In fact, this is likely one of the reasons that DHL is the carrier for all official correspondences within the Department of Homeland Security in the United States.

DHL Pricing

Of course, the pricing structure will depend upon several different variables. These can include the size and weight of the package, the destination (local, regional or international) and the speed of the delivery. Thus, same-day deliveries are priced higher than those which will take a longer period of time to complete. Additionally, the quotes will vary widely depending on the specifics of an item. For instance, a package with dimensions of twenty square centimetres that weighs twenty kilogrammes which is being sent from the United Kingdom to the United States will cost approximately one hundred and twenty-six pounds. In many instances, the prices can be slightly reduced if the customer drops off a parcel at a DHL collection checkpoint as opposed to utilising the pickup service provided.


The most substantial benefit offered by DHL is fast and efficient worldwide shipping. Their prices are quite amenable compared to similar carriers and their levels of security are some of the highest in the industry. Furthermore, the processes of tracking and logistics will ensure that the parcel arrives at the designated location within the specified time frame. By enacting such a top-down hierarchical workflow, DHL has centralised many of these metrics; allowing for an immense reliability and offering the utmost levels of privacy and discretion to the customer.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

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  1. Syed Samaan

    I have got this tracking no. from VITAMIN WORLD (Tracking No. 19332520001428200000), But i cannot locate on your website.

    Please help.

  2. Dennis Valencia

    Where can I found my package?? The track number is RE675981983DE.


  3. Claudette

    Hi I would like to know what Awaiting collection by recipient as requested means! It says that for my parcel and it is not in the right location.

  4. Rommy Alvia

    My document still not arrived at your destinity.
    My document came out of Baltimore at SEp-28-2016, I should have arrived yesterday, but it never came.

  5. Rommy Cires

    My document still not arrived at your destinity.
    My document came out of Baltimore at SEp-28-2016, I should have arrived yesterday, but it never came.

  6. velma reid

    please could tell me the delivery date for this parcel #4533257050

  7. stz

    Normally I have a terrible experience with anything I receive through dhl. Today’s experience was a complete 180. On time no hassle or bs. Very suprised and satisfied this time!!

  8. Romuald Onyszko

    According tracking information last action is “recepient refuse delivery”, how it is possible if nobody asked me about that, and nobody was here or tried to call me.
    It doesn’t sounds right, and hope for quick correction.
    Just give me DHL office address where is my package and I’ll pick it up myself.

  9. Romuald Onyszko

    Acording tracking information last acction is “recepient refuse delivery”, how it is possible if nobody asked me about that, and nobody was here or tried to call me.
    It doesn’t sounds right, and hope for quick correction.
    Just give me DHL office address whete is my package and I’ll pick it up myself.

  10. Rouba

    I did not recieve my order !!!even the papper from dhl notice that they come and didnt find me at home
    So please can u check again

  11. mandy

    my courier is two days late and the thing inside that courier is most important to me which will affect my whole life if I receive it late. it suppose to be at my home on this Monday but still I am waiting for it ,, no information, yesterday I got a call that i will receive it today but i did not receive it yet.

  12. Charles house

    Where is my package I keep trying to track it with DHL and they keep saying that they are trying to update it how many days in a row am I going to receive a message it says updating do I have to wait for it to get here and then get stolen from my front door and not knowing it was there there’s a theft problem in my area that is why I am trying to track the whereabouts of this package please remit as soon as possible

  13. Lori VanHaverbeke

    Hello. I am waiting on my package today i get a call saying it would be here so stayed home. Still no package. than it says its complete when I try to track it .. Can someone help me out. Please and Thank you.

  14. Edgar Chaves

    Please provide FINAL DELIVERY DETAILS about this parcel:

    USPS 420934339410810898568003178464

    DHL TRACKING #9805393706

    Best Regards!

  15. Teodoro C. Padon

    What do you mean by refused delivery, no dhl come to deliver in our house.

  16. Traci

    My package has been tracked and it says delivered and signed for, yet I have not received my package. I have a Canadian address but it appears it was delivered to Marshall in the USA,
    Please advise what I do next!!!

  17. roger poitras

    i should like to know which amount that i pay at this item for rceive this package at th home


    If you would prefer to speak to someone personally about the location of your shipment, please contact DHL Express Customer Service .

  19. Jaspreet kaur kular

    My corior is too late..I don’t know what happen in my corior. .when I am calling they says it’s in clearness event.

  20. DHL

    Ur price 268.99 USD doesn’t include the phones this is only for the boxes that hold iPhones and that’s delivered to which ever pyramids doorstep not be confused with any other offer , mailing , discount ,tgi Fridays coupons or delivery system

    Now what we pay 8.99 USD includes the iPhones but not the boxes now let me get to Miranda’s question bellooww

  21. nyaring chuol koryoam

    I can’t get my tracking number.please send it through my email

  22. Denis Allaire

    I recieved a message from telling me that may the item I command was send by DHL with the tracking number : Denis Allaire.
    This doesn’t seem to be a good tracking number could you help me ?

  23. Satinderkaurluddu

    I will pay in cash ?

  24. Lianne

    Jus wondering when my package will be at my building?
    So I can be home when it comes.. And not left outside… Thanks…

  25. Barry moss

    Well due date was 4/21/16 closing time today and I don’t have my package at 9:51pm.

  26. Phyliis

    I need my girls dress before 14th April the prom is on the 15 April
    Please I paid more money for faster and tryed to ask the person I buy this dress to have it by the 10 but it’s not here yet please please this is her senior Prom please send it fast

  27. Jorge Ojeda rodriguez

    Me dice cerrado al momento de la entrega que por favor contacte a dhl para reprogramar la entrega viernes abril 08 2016 y ya son las 8:00,, que paso,???

  28. Sandi Jones-Sands

    The tracking number the company is China gave me is CNACK19488409 and my address is 3461 Scott Road,
    Kelowna, BC V1W 3H4 250-868-8997
    This company told me that it shows the package has been in Kelowna for some time now but no one has contacted me or left anything at my door or in my mail box letting me know I have a package. Can you please check to see if you have a package from China for me. Thank you!

  29. junan Abdulla

    my traking number is 2708094336

  30. junan Abdulla

    i send a phone to iraq ,,they receive the box and the hpine was missing ,,can i know whats going on ,,where did the phone go just the charger and the case there ,,how i can trust you any more i paid $144 for shiping ,,can you call me at 587 586 5482 junan canada

  31. Junior

    Here my trucking number 5003044421

  32. Junior

    I’m so hungry to your driver because he is a lyer my wife was home on Tuesday 29 2016 and he reported that no budy was home. And today I’m still waiting myself so until 6pm Edmonton time he still no coming but I will check the status later to see what he will say again.

  33. A.W.Almukhtar

    Again my Tracking No. 1040017182

  34. A.W.Almukhtar

    Today is 25th of March,it is 6 days after 19th. and my documents haven’t left Erbil!! What a fast and quick service is yours !!??

  35. ruby dela cruz

    tracking number 7932042042

  36. ruby dela cruz

    my package not yet received

  37. A.W.Almukhtar

    I’ve sent Documents to Amman from Erbil haven’t departed Erbil uptil now ,since sat 19.3.16 today is 23.3.16 DHL office told me will be delivered after 5 days !!??

  38. Remy Magbanua

    Dear DHL,

    Our company, Shin Nippon Machinery shipped this package intended for Universal Robena Corporation-Renewables with business address at ADB cor Povida Sts, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila but this was erroneously address to Kabankalan Biomass Fired Power Plant in Kabankalan, Negros Occidetal.

    We would like to request you to assist us on this matter, what to do?

    We would appreciate your prompt reply.

    Thank you.

  39. Julio Saavedra Mejia

    I’m expecting a package from Bogota Colombia with tracking number 8329962292. That package as per the DHL tracking service online is on hold. I would like to know what I need to do in order to receive and/or pick it up my package. It is in transit almost three weeks. My name is Julio Saavedra Mejia and my cellphone number is 647-773-7682. My address is 1019-26 Underhill Drive, M3 A2J4, Toronto Ontario Canada. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks


    Julio Saavedra Mejia

  40. Monica Kay Beck

    I was told my package would be received by the end of the work day. What time is that?

  41. Hidemi

    Hi there do i really need to pay for taxes and fees for the package that sent to me here in canada from philippines? So confusing…please let me know and thankyou

  42. Janet kemi olajide

    Pleas email me as soon as possible. Thanks.

  43. Janet kemi olajide

    Please when i track my package, it was stated that it has been delivered, but i haven’t get it yet. The tracking number is 6959013600. Help me out. Thanks.

  44. Nance

    Am was expecting my delivery on 14/3/16 as stated by ur system and it’s 15 /3/16 but nothing has been delivered. I track it and it’s like the parcel is moving up and down from Canada to USA. Tracking number 3213782795

  45. Myo thaw

    When is my package will be delivery?

  46. sukhveer cheema

    My corrier. Was going to deliverd by today ….but i didn’t get it yet

  47. Myo thaw

    I would like to know ,when I will recive my package ?

  48. John Murray

    Shows my package is being delivered to the wrong place in the wrong city. My tracking # 1505649191. Let me know whats going on please!

  49. David hughes

    My wife was told her package is lost. This is a very important package. She was told to call before 9 est. I tried calling from 8 till 9 and there was no answer. What will be fine about her package? Tracking #3198326342

  50. Sana

    My delivery reached sort facility today but I don’t know y they sent the parcel back to Belgium ….. Used this service tremendous times never happened before

  51. Johnae Horton

    My package says shipment on hold . Why is it on hold ?

  52. Luwang

    I had sent the consignment for Juba, South Sudan
    But it has been wrongly sent to Khartoum in Sudan …. Please send it to correct address immediately

  53. Nabukenya betty

    I have not received my parcel or evelop and if I try to track no information I can get. My tracking number is 1467753604. Help me pliz.

  54. Lakhvir singh

    I want to ask that I haven’t received my parcel of medicenes that departed from New Delhi to BC canada. I be tracked it using my track no ie 6643254026 and it shows ” clearing event” from last Wednesday ie 25th feb it’s almost 12 days since the parcel departs. Moreover the medicenes are along with its prescription from reg medical doctor.please check and convey

  55. Sabrina Narcisse

    Tracking # 2222832603. Leave behind the brick posts on porch

  56. Sabrina Narcisse

    I missed my delivery, I don’t see where or how to go about setting up redeliverly options. And to just leave the package without a signature..

  57. Sherry yousefian

    I’m not seeing any information about when I’m going to receive my shipment.. I can’t track it.. the only info I see is pickup day.

  58. Suleman Dahir Bile'

    Dear dhl:
    I always preferred DHL. I started in using DHL some 27 years ago in Saudi Arabia. I continued the relationship over the years while I resided in Canada and now in Somaliland. To me save and express delivery any where in the world means DHL.

    I have been tracking some urgent spare parts that was picked up on Tuesday February 23, 2106. It arrived at Addis Ababa on Thursday destined for Hargeisa Somaliland with parcel # 2765825425 it is sitting in Addis Ababa. Would someone with authority tell these people in Addis to send this vital and urgent parcel to Hargeisa immediately. I thank DHL and still love DHL.

  59. burhan

    do you guys ship to somalia
    As DHL
    thank you

  60. Maryam Baradaran

    My tracking status is showing delivered to sdl plt hate mail box
    What does that mean ? Where is my package my tracking is 3446598923
    It’s a passport and we need it ASAP

  61. Nixon Bellevue
    I’m trying to figure out when I’m going to receive it it’s over night pay for

  62. Shana Baxter

    Last name Baxter!!!

    Shana Baxter

  63. Shana

    My sister send me a package from Germany on 01/22,shipping from Germany to new York state and I have not yet received this package. It’s now 02/25,where is my package????????

  64. mark

    My shippmeny seems to be moving from location to location in Ontario, however that doesn’t tell me much. It could be anywhere from thunder bay to Ottawa. A little more clarity on the location of “Ontario facility” would be nice, ie a city name.

  65. Anastasia

    Will be my package be here by Saturday !!!

  66. Chamika Bellamy

    When is my shipment coming?

  67. Tomas Leonard

    Mi envío desde Taiwan el dia 17 me informaron llegaria al final del día, pero llegó a mi dirección a las 2:15 pm(lejos del final del día). Me notificaron que el dia 18 lo iba a recibir. Aun lo estoy esperando. No se en estos momentos dónde esta mi envío( creo que por el Paso Texas). Mi seguimiento esta marcado con el # 2502198790. Gracias

  68. Hilal

    How can I get my order

  69. Randy Ellerbrook

    Package arrived from England in cincinati. Went to florida hub. Went back to cincinati. What in the hell is going on with my package? Are you going to ship it to every hub you have before you deliver it to me?

  70. Ariane

    Tracking number: 5067606165 why is my shipment going back to Cinncinati ?

  71. Eugenia Muncy

    Ive had 4 packages on hold in El Paso. Could not deliver cuz it was out of their area. Two were sent back, all the way to Singapore. The other two are still on hold. I was told they could only be delivered to a po box so I paid for one. Now I’ve gotten an email saying I have 24 hrs to provide a PO Box or they’ll be shipped back too. I have called three times in the past 12 hrs.left messages, no repose…….

  72. G.Fernand Boivin

    Ré:DHL tracking 7248958990
    Que dépasse-it’il avec ce colis??? Il devait être livré au plus tard le 05 février 2016 et je n’ai rien vu encore malgré le coût astronomique qui est inversement proportionnel avec le service. Pourriez vous réveiller vos endormis au gaz du Senegal!!!
    Je suis vraiment déçu de l’attention et du service que vous accordez à vos clients.

    G.Fernand Boivin mon # cell est 011-221-78-452-3436

  73. Abdulqadir

    I have not received my package !it was sent on 28 january .i would like to know Why ? How many days Iam waiting By DHL

  74. All in one tracking team Post author

    The tracking status says:
    Monday, January 25, 2016 05:26 QUEBEC SERVICE AREA, QC – CANADA Shipment on hold
    Monday, January 25, 2016 14:35 QUEBEC SERVICE AREA, QC – CANADA Awaiting collection by recipient as requested

    The package is on transit and you have to wait till the delivery.

  75. Jean-Claude Deslauriers

    My envelop is on hold the traking number is 95 4281 2495 please let me know when I could take this envelop at your nearest point of service I think it in Brossard at Boulevard Tachereau.

    Let me knom.

  76. Nur Miah

    How many days I am waiting I recive my parcel

  77. admin Post author

    Hello, we can’t give you a delivery date and day time. Sorry for that, but the postman will come as fast as he can.

  78. Sylvain Forest

    For my package to deliver day time,
    Please leave it at home without signature, behind the flower box.
    My cell :
    My Tracking #5824440764

  79. Rose Danielle ngueugoue tcheulahie

    I not received My package. I would like to know why I don’t received. Please call me and let me know xxxxxxx.

  80. Mark Humble

    I sent a package on Tuesday the 12th and haven’t seen any record of it being in the system.

  81. admin Post author

    Hi Miranda, we’re sorry about it. Could you please tell us the tracking number, so we could tell you about the location of your parcel.

  82. Miranda shelton

    I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY PACKAGE!! I have paid and would like to know why I don’t have it. Call and let me know.

  83. Hossam Nafe

    I would like to ask how much does it cost to ship 2 iPhone to Egypt in one box

  84. Walter Dove order no. 100 427 313

    Per their phone people, their shipment number is also the DHL tracking no. 100 377 111.

    According to their website, DHL attempted delivery, no one home. 1:42 PM EST today.

    Per my eyes: large DHL liveried 2 axle truck on 39th street about 1250 PM ET, double parked in southbound lane, half a dozen buildings north. DHL small delivery van about one street north, southbound, around 2 PM. No delivery attempt sticker, and no evidence of a delivery attempt.

    Comment? Explanation? Guess when you might deliver my prescription spectacles? And why they weren’t delivered, as this is a multiunit building, at least two other than myself are known to be onsite during the delivery attempt time – 4 + 6 hours.


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