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The United States Postal Service (USPS) was born out of a principle that every citizen has a right to a low cost and reliable delivery service. The system now delivers 213 billion items to 156 million addresses annually.

Company Development

USPS Tracking - Copyright by USPSUSPS dates back to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as Postmaster General and the service provided was immediately recognised as vital to the development of a vast, newly emerging nation. Since its early beginnings the business has been constantly adopting new technologies and methods of transportation to help it live up to the motto, ‘Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.’ The early introduction of free delivery for newspapers ensured that literacy rates were the highest in the World for many years and loss making deliveries to the remotest communities ensured that knowledge was passed quickly and efficiently enabling the country to develop very rapidly. The Pony Express started in 1860, cutting days off delivery times in some areas, but lasted only 18 months before it superseded by the transcontinental telegraph line. Rural Free Delivery in 1896 and then Parcel Post in 1913 enabled the new concept of mail order shopping to take off, used by as much as 25 percent of the population in its early days.

Airmail began in 1918, originally using army planes and personnel, but this was taken over in 1920, and formed the basis for the US air industry today. The number of items being sent grew rapidly from the 1930s to the 60s and a search for more efficient systems lead to the introduction of the Zone Improvement Plan, commonly known as ZIP codes. In 2001 a business alliance was formed with FedEx Express which allowed USPS to improve its services without adding additional costs. The business remains as a standalone branch of the US Government and is self financing; competing for trade in the communication, distribution, delivery, advertising and retail markets.

The Delivery Process

USPS uses Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb) to label the items it carries with a unique identity in the form of a fluorescent pattern on the back and a black version on the front. This is completed automatically by machines that can read hand written or printed addresses. The collection and delivery service follows a standard spoke and hub format to connect sorting depots in ever increasing sizes. The hubs are divided into; Network Distribution Centres, Auxiliary Sort facilities, Sectional Centre Facilities and Destination Delivery Units. Distances of under 200 miles are generally covered by trucks and vans, while anything further away is transported by air. The USPS system is used by companies like UPS and FedEx where it fits in with their schedules, particularly to rural areas, which brings in additional revenue. Similarly, UPS has an agreement to deliver first Class and Priority Post for USPS across 98 US cities. The company now employs over 700,000 workers to handle the annual load of 213 billion items.

USPS Pricing

USPS Schipments - Copyright by USPSThere are a number of different mailing options with USPS with price dependant upon the service, size and weight of the item. Express Mail is used for letters, envelopes, tubes and packaged items with a two day delivery schedule including basic insurance. Priority Mail is slightly slower but cheaper; both options have a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds and length of 108 inches. First Class Mail does not set a specific delivery time period although it does not normally exceed three days. Parcel Post is described as the affordable and reliable way to send packages, but again with the same weight and size limitations of Express Mail. Media Mail is usually the cheapest option but is limited to books, manuscripts and other readable media formats.

Package Safety

There are a number of additional features that can be included in the delivery service by USPS which enhance the security of the item being sent. The services are Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation and additional insurance cover up to a value of $1,000. These allow for the tracking of high value items and proof that the package has been posted and received in the case of disputes.

USPS Tracking Options

USPS uses a system known as CONFIRM to track items through its delivery process, which uses the IMb – Intelligent Mail Barcodes, printed on the packages, that provide a unique code for each one. The IMbs are read by a Intelligent Mail Devices (IMDs) which feed the information into a central database. The IMbs are read at each hand over along the route, either by fixed or hand held units, which provides an accurate way of determining when each stage is reached. The customer has different levels of access to the tracking data dependent upon the level of service that they purchased. If Priority Mail Express was selected then entering the label number will provide point-by-point tracking information; USPS Tracking, Certified Mail and Registered Mail will show when it was despatched for delivery. IMb technology can also be used to track incoming mail and also identify the sender. In addition, there is the ADVANCE system which provides a series of reports for companies that are sending out bulk mailings of advertising material and periodicals. This can provide useful information on the intended audience, incorrect addresses and confirmation that the service purchased was achieved successfully. This replaces manual publication tracking requests and provides a much higher level of information at a reduced cost.

By combining forces with other companies that might be seen as competitors USPS is managing to remain financially secure and independent. Despite the growing use of the internet the volume of items that are being delivered is still increasing year on year.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

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  1. Charles House

    I am waiting on my package and cannot figure out why it went on a jag from Springfield,mass. to Albany,N.Y on it’s way to New Haven,CT. I am used to packages going right by myself in new haven,ct. to Springfield,mass.but this one confused me. Why would u.s.p.s send my package to Albany,n.y from Springfield,mass. after spending two days in Springfield,mass.

  2. All in one tracking team Post author

    Please refer to the status of your tracking.

  3. Tambe Brolins

    It’s there a way I can make them to resand my item bc this guys didn’t even come to my door to deliver it and I track it and it say it’s been returned to the sander

  4. Fabrizio Scarpett

    I pay for a 2 day express shipping and it took 7 days to arrive, terrible service

  5. benjamin fontanez

    To whom it may concern i ve lived at this address 2 tyears and 6 months i use the us postal service not in good health my package was my medication which is too expensive in n.y.c i ordered my meds july 27 and its already august 27th the company says they shipped it on the 18 of august and i really cant afford to lose a hundred 20 dollars just like that please help me find my correspondence i know posal service is difficult but imagine with legal actions on top of it it gets very nasty sorry to take your time please help me with this matter remember god lo es all who do good and blessed is he who help his fellow bretheren. Thanks god bless….

  6. Erika

    This is the latest update.
    “We attempted to deliver your item at 12:39 pm on August 27, 2017 in (name of city and zip code) but could not complete the delivery because the employee did not have access to the delivery location. Your item will go out for delivery on the next business day.”

    We have been in the house this afternoon and at 12:30 we were carrying in groceries. No vehicle, mail or other wise even drove down the road. No delivery attempt was made. We had previously been told by a USPS employee that medical supply packages were delivered on Sunday.

    It’s fine if delivery is unavailable, but don’t say it was attempted when it was not.

  7. Kamyn Harms

    I was supposed to get a package a month ago, the tracking number says it was delivered in my mailbox 3 weeks ago. I’ve checked with my apartment complex ad they don’t have it. I called 4 times and waited over 8 hours to talk to a person, I created a case number, and they said they were going to investigate it. I checked the case number today and it said I was resolved, yet there is no package in my mailbox or apartment complex. And no one has called or emailed me to tell me anything. Where the fuck is my package???

  8. José Núñez

    Cuando quieran, ya saben aqui la esperamos, tenemos tienpo eternidades de tienpo.
    De nada.

  9. José Núñez

    Increible que toda via no longer puedan entregar.

  10. Chulhi choi

    It was not delivered and got ca134374348 on August 22.
    There is no respond from you untill now(8/28-Sat)

  11. Lamonika simmons

    Hello where is my package and when will it be delivered to me

  12. L. Everett

    Having same problem. Sent package in the 17th, was told it will be delivered on the 22. Today is the 25. Been tracking. The USPS has NO. IDEA where my package is. Was going from MD to FL. Was in Greensboro, then back in DC. USPS won’t even respond to email inquiry. THIS IS AWFUL

  13. samantha

    Took off from work to wait fir package, tracking says nothing, 9361289697090000095236 ,,,where is it? They steal in this building items can not be left outside, what is the problem?

  14. Andrea Sampson

    I’m a little upset because I paid the extra shipping and such to make sure my perishable package reached its destination asap … had it 2 day shipped…. and it was supposed to be there today (8-23-2017) and it still hasn’t reached its destination… says it’s still in route/transit. I’m n9t happy that I paid so much to send something and them tell me it will be there a certain day….. annnnnd then have it not show…??? Not happy

  15. Sandra

    I sent the last week an envelopment # tracking 9505510866887230253605 and the page shows that it is at the post Office, but the person went and the envelopment does not at the office, the envelopment is missing, so I need your help to look for it urgente because I need this documents.

  16. Brian

    FedEx shipped…. usps picked up and tracking states it was usps delivered yesterday at 6:57pm… where????
    They didn’t deliver it here!

  17. Karl Hislop

    My mother has been waiting for a package. It left Honolulu June first and was still in shipment through the second, though on June third, it should’ve been delivered at her home at 4:46pm. Today is June fourth and still haven’t reached this destination, she hasn’t received the package. So it’s either the mail has lost it or y’all don’t know how to track.

  18. Brandi

    How long does it take a package to get from north texas center after it has been departed to get to va

  19. Alecia Atchley

    This tells me nothing! It left China and then what???????

  20. Sandra Mónica Macias

    I sent a package to Colombia on May 9/17. The still haven’t receive it. I’ve bien tracking custom # , it says still in LA?

  21. Esther

    A parcel arrived in Jamaica on 21st May and uptodate it hasnt arrived in Kenya,whats up?

  22. Lazaro

    Envié unos documentos a uscis inmigracion en chicago y no me explica en la ruta del documento que haya llegado a donde lo envié y parece que se encuentra en las oficinas de correos de chicago. Me pudiera explicar por donde andan los documentos que envié

  23. Zayra

    I didn’t resib nothing

  24. Orlando Asis

    Why is it taking so long to “Return To Sender”????

  25. All in one tracking team Post author

    Better call UPS, that could be a mistake. This could happen…

  26. All in one tracking team Post author

    Please call USPS directly in this case

  27. All in one tracking team Post author

    Just track it. It currently says: Arrived at Post Office, May 31, 2017, 7:15 am, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94124

  28. All in one tracking team Post author

    Please check the trackingnumber and enter it on top. We are people, no magicians 🙂

  29. All in one tracking team Post author

    I am sorry, but you have to address this directly to USPS, we only offer the tracking service for you guys.

  30. Robert Foster

    I have power of attorney over my mom’s affairs she had a severe stroke in October 2016 so she Is In a nursing home. I have tried to change her mailing address several times starting the end of april 2017 from 218 west five notch road north augusta ,sc to mine 3901 northside drive apt 9e macon,ga yet I have yet to receive any of her mail to date.

  31. Bud Simmons

    Hey I ordered something on May 22 it’s suppose to arriving on June 15 thourgh July 3 is that when it will arrive

  32. Orlando Asis

    I see there’s a lot of complaints here so what’s the use? I’m glad I no longer work for usps cause your getting a bad rep. Well here goes! Obviously my package is coming back to me so where is it? 9500 1105 9401 7145 0810 52

  33. Natalie R Surncey

    I sent a package to my granddaughter to whitewater Ca they couldnt leave it because there wasnt a safe location im still waiting for it to come back to me

  34. Alicia Patraca

    Me lo puede mandar en español?

  35. Alicia Patraca

    Cuando llega mi paquete a su destino???

  36. Willie

    My package was mail over 6 months ago an now
    they have cancel the search. I know it didn’t
    Varnish. It was stolen before it left Augusta. Ga
    They know it an so do I. I will never use USPS

  37. Jorge cruz

    Buen día me mandaron un paquete de folckroft y aún no llega a México desde enero que lo compre la fecha límite de entrega era en marzo y aún no llega como puedo checarlo por que el número de guía que me dieron no lo puedo rastrear um3516851us
    Que puedo hacer

  38. Anthony D'Amico

    USPS 9534616282457130199485, Delivered, Frnt Dr/Porch 05/13/2017 3:51pm BAYONNE NJ 07002 Reply HELP 4 help-STOP to cancel

    This is what tracking states, BUT person on the front porch NEVE SAW A USP person till 20:00 hrs

  39. Willie

    It’s been six month since I mail my package by
    priority express an I haven’t got it sent back
    yet because it didn’t get to it destination
    wish was Bronx NY Is there anyone still looking
    for it Tracking # Ek725663185us

  40. michael

    EL 572434257 is my tracking I lost my parsel before this this one is sending once more but nothing to display with my tracking number it is my third day.

  41. Antonio Dominick

    Yes I’m trying to track my package the last post and the track was March 24th and today is March 30th so I haven’t heard nothing for the last 6 days been updated at all my tracking number is LW034485405CN. If someone can look into this matter I really appreciate it thank you.

  42. Dominick Ayinn

    Twice tracking number is not showing and unable to find out what happened to my package.

  43. Roxinne Douglas

    2 yrs for mine no money no package lame excuses . Doont use them unless absolutely necessary.

  44. Merlin

    What my pakage still in s francisco C.A and my pakage arrive there 15 days ago

  45. Jorge Cabrera

    El correo más malo del mundo se encuentra en Miami una república bananera la oficina de correo más mala de todo los EUA se encuentra en el 425 del NW y la 27 th avenida Miami fl 33125 hay desde el supervisor y algunos empleados de correos tratan muy pero muy mal a los clientes y los paquetes o envió no llegan nunca a su destinó mi recomendación una buena limpieza en esta casa porque así no vamos a llegar muy lejos con estos empleados del correos de los Estados unidos Que dios bendiga a América

  46. Kimberly Fulce

    Hello, I need to know where my package is now?….The last thing it is showing is where it was last night…..It shipped from California yesterday morning which was March 23rd.

  47. Gaylord R Kollars

    My package no. Lt868454810cn Hass not been delivered at my home. Why? Please let me know, Gaylord Kollars

  48. Rickynel

    Im still waiting for my product to be delivered.. I order it last march 11, 2017 and was informed that it will take up to 5 days delivery period. Its almost 2 weeks and haven’t received the product..

  49. Diane

    I sent a first class package from Delaware with tracking # 9400109699937333058149 to an APO AE. It was mailed on 2/14/17 and reached the Chicago hub on 2/16/17. And that is the end of the tracking information on the USPS website. It is now 3/20/17, and the package has still not reached its destination! Who do I need to call to find out where the package is? Please help, if you can. Thank you.

  50. Lizette

    Envie un paquete priority para q llegara en tres dias lo cual se supone q llegara el lu es 13 de marzo 2017 y hasta la fecha eSta en el post office en chicago nesecito saber por q todavia no ha llegado a su destino .

    Si hay alguien q me pudiera contestar se lo agradesere

    Gracias .

  51. Mary M Brace

    My package still hasn’t reached it’s destination send 2/31/17 and would like package delivered or return back here to me please UH003553079US

  52. Darin Manning

    I have not received mine telephone tracking number 900 11089 +852-300-492-0706

  53. Willie

    I am still waiting to find out what happened
    to my package mailed four months ago.
    Tracking #Ek725663185us.

  54. Brandon Burgess

    My package has been sitting in L.A. since 3/9, why has it not been delivered? L.A. is only 260 miles from my house. LT862035528CN


    CASILLARY: EC154X63463N

  56. Lisa stone


  57. Clarence Beckham

    Why does a package from Texas go to St Paul then to Iowa for delivery in Wisconsin????????…then for 20 sits in a black hole 2 days after it was supposed to be delivered???..I could’ve drove to Texas by then.. and I still haven’t gotten it!!!!!!..Terrible service

  58. Miguel Rivera

    Hi, I suposse recieve my package this morning, as my tracking number 9400111897816829483968 said, please let me know when I’ll recieve it.

  59. Iris Ramirez

    Hello …. my tracking number RR809463753VU say that I received my product in March 9 . but nothing arrived still.. somebody could help me with that please ….

  60. Charles House

    Why does it always seem that with United States postal service I get one day of tracking March 10th and then nothing until it arrives.Today is March 14th.It was in New Jersey March 10th.I live in Connecticut,New Haven.I have issues with theft at my Apartment Complex and it is imperative that I have a general idea when my item will arrive being as usps leaves it at the door without even knocking and if I’m not aware of it chances are it will be stolen.So once again no tracking from March 10th thru March 14th so far. Tracking # 9400111699000294259269. Please let me know if you know anything more than it’s in New Jersey.

  61. Claire

    Not happy at all.mailed my pkg on 12/16. Was told it would definitely get to destination on 12/22. Today is 12/28 and pkg has not been delivered. I paid a lot of money to send global express.Will not use Usps again. Will use UPS

  62. Mariano Estenoz

    I place this order long time ago my tracking is lt445135065cn

  63. betty

    when it says China does that mean it’s been to China?

  64. Steve Richey

    Damn it… don’t leave the packages at the front door.. DUH! Theives look for them and steal them.. I had a package delivered to my 94 year old mother and the tracking ticket says it was “left at the front door”.. You got to be dumber than a sack of hair to leave a package at the door and leave this time of year.. at ten in the morning.. just go inside the nursing home she’s in and give it to the desk gal.. There’s always someone at home and awake there.. and you left the package at the door and left..
    We pay extra for your service…. and this is what we get???!!!! Left outside.. idiots!!!!!

  65. ferdinand marquez

    Where is my packages my trucking number are RRD020458660776919 and RRD020458660774597

  66. Andres Julian Mendigaña Castellanos

    HI MY PAQUET TRACK 9505514575856246014523 IS NOT REGISTERED IN MY LOCKER “Andres Mendigaña (M013491)
    7630 NW 25 Street # 2B Miami , Florida 33122”, what can i do to getit?????

  67. Whitney

    I ordered something from Amazon and was told it would arrive on one day then that it would come the day before. Then I was sent an email that they had a delay and it may not come until 3 days after the original date. When I looked at the usps tracking to me it looked as though the carrier had no clue what they were doing as I was told it was out for delivery and found nothing. I was thenough looked again and saw it was sent to three different places, all relative to my area. I’m not sure if this was something with Amazon, usps or both, but I don’t think it was very reliable, nor that they are doing a good job in whatever area this applies to

  68. Bruce Anderson

    Just trying to see you what the holdup is it says package was processed through USPS 11/10/16 tracking number Lt317822701cn

  69. marcelo javier scarpelli

    my package 9361289673090173953357 – the tracking tools show that delivered, but is had never arribed to hotel. the system said this “Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Postal Facility# nothing more, I need to know were is??? i paid a express charge of two days. help me thank you.

  70. john

    just in case my tracking number is 9300189843900226240619

  71. john

    I tracked the item that was paid and sent to me and it says delivered. but when i checked the mail today all i got was just mail and no yellowish package. i even asked anyone in my house if they saw a package.

  72. Rose Sommers

    My grandson’s birthday is today, September 30th and his package went to California instead of Overland Park, Kansas!

    I am very upset that he will not receive his birthday package today. I sent it Priority Mail on September 26th.

    I’ve been tracking his package and today it shows that his birthday gift was sent to California. This is heartbreaking for me and will be disappointing for him. Shame on you USPS!

  73. Alison Reilly

    I always track my packages and often on the date of the scheduled delivery it doesnt show up until the next day. Undependable. I prefer UPS or FED EX which is typically reliable. I hate when a vendor uses USPS because there is often a problem or delay.

  74. Mik

    Never on time says 3 day shipping and make 4 days its shiped andbnow its stuck for 4more days???? And has minimum 2days befor arival ….not happpy at all!!!!

  75. Fidencia Pequeno

    My package was not delived bcause i forgot to put apt number.. Its is 100 s laventure rd apt D 105 mouny vernon wa 98274 tracking numner 9400111699000248053547
    Please reyry again
    Fidencia Pequeno.

  76. David Dancer

    USPS is the worst.

  77. Jennifer Platt

    I have a package sent in August (the 18th) that was undeliverable but still hasn’t been returned. The tracking number is 9500 1124 9011 6228 0069 19 Wondering when it will be returned.

  78. Vincent G McEachron

    I got permission to used this Business Place, to delivered my product. They are open between the hours of 11:00am and closed at 5:00pm.They came Wednesday 28,2016 at approx., 6:20pm. Please inform the USPS Department of the hours of this business place. My tracking # is 9361289681090091544391. Once again, please tell them the hours of the opening of the business. This is the second times, that I ordered this product. The first one was stolen. So I, got permission from this business place to used their address, because I live across the road from them. Thanks inadavnce.

  79. Derek

    I’d like to know an E.T.A on my package so I can get my car running for a large car show on Oct 8th thanks for your time.

  80. Samuel Vansant

    now it is back in Florida being forwared back to missouri hope thay don”t lose the forwared address again or it will be back in Florida This package started in Phoeniz Az on the 8th of september another 5 days to send it across Florida Will see when it arives if thay charge me for storage or travel time I will be broke and have to send it back to Az.

  81. Luis P

    I can’t track these though USPS, can you help me?
    Where can I track incoming registered mail from Europe?

  82. Corey

    i waited 21 days for my package to get to chicago from china using usps and now its been sitting in Chicago for 6days it says inbound into customs what does this mean am i not going to get my package this is BS ill never use usps again

  83. Frank Gorora

    My package was not delivered to the address I sent it. Said the person moved and was undeliverable. Well She lives there so I don’t know what happened. NOw will they send the package back to me? My Tracking # 9505512992096265043220

  84. Loren Brown

    I received an email from usps stating i had a delivery but am unaware of how to track it due to my unknowing of this transfer. What staps would i take in tracking this confirmation and completion.

  85. Thomas

    Your web site is armature and takes forever to get to the section to review. My letter sent July 27, 2016 and still has not been delivered to date and no answer as to where it is. Number 70160340000019714511. Where is it????????.

  86. Joe Rinck


  87. Joe Rinck

    looking for pkg that says delivered sat 9/24
    i did not receive it.
    tracking # is 9274899990135224380901
    can anyone help?

  88. Alysha

    I would like to know why my package has been sitting in L.A. for the past week!!!!!! When it should already be in CANADA! tracking number LX309946899US

  89. Julie Meyer

    I received package one of two on 9/26/16 and when I wrote a letter to Amazon, they got me the tracking number for package two. It says that after Chicago, it went to Pennsylvania and is there now…I wonder why it went several hundred miles east instead of 100 miles north like package one did….tracking number I’m wondering when it will be coming around this part of the country again.

  90. Tee

    It says a note was left but there was none. Also someone is always home. I suspect it was taken to a different apartment or something.

  91. Luz Santana

    very unhappy with the USPS I paid priority mail on 09/10/16 and today 09/27/16 my package is nowhere to be found, very irresponsible . I have called various times, nobody seems to know where the package is. All I need it to get to the destination, or at least return it back to me.

  92. Cody

    I ordered something on ebay and had my OLD address in and didn’t realize until the day it shipped. Ebay still says it was delivered and at my old address they claim they never received. In tracking it says it is ‘undeliverable as addressed’ where do I go from here??

  93. Kolbey Hightower

    My tracking number is 9361269903501173309421. Just wanted to know when my package should arrive. Thanks.

  94. Mike Maloney

    My Package has been “In Transit” for month. The last movement was one (1) Week Ago, yes seven (7) days “Departed Shipping Center” in Western Nassau NY to travel less that 130 miles by land from my home. Not that the Turn Around Time (TAT) on the shipments is abysmal, but the “up to date status” is incredibly poor and from what I can tell unreliable. Exceptionally disappointing results over a month and I still do not have my packages.

  95. Derrick Burns

    Have not received my package. When I put in the tracking number it say it was delivered and left with individual. Who is this individual? It’s not me, not my neighbors, and not the apartment staff. Did you deliver it? Was it given to some guy walking down the street? I would like this problem addressed. Please contact me so I can provide the tracking number and get this resolved.

  96. Ana Rivera

    I send my product about a week and a didn’t receive

  97. Dustin

    Thanks for bringing my package all the way to its destination then sending it back, luckily it was time sensitive so thanks postal service for screwing that up

  98. Shawn

    Why did I waste$6.45 to send priority when regular mail would have delivered my letter in the same amount of time? I would love to know in what manner my letter was given priority. It was to be delivered today but it has only been sorted so won’t arrive until Monday. So infuriating!

  99. Treshonne Dearing

    I have been waiting on my wallet for a week going on two now and I can’t get to work without my wallet that’s in the package so can I get some type of assistance from you guys

  100. Rae

    My package still isn’t here eve though it says “delivered” it’s been almost 24 hrs since is was supposably delivered. I just want my package esp when it says it was delieved. Did they just mark it delivered or what? I was home all day yesterday waiting for it and nothing. No knock at my door, no package, nothing. I’ve ordered from this company many times and it’s always come from usps on time and at my door. But not this time. What’s going on? Where is my package?

  101. david stephens

    9500115376976264022869 hasnt been updated in 3 days was sceduled for friday delivery its saturday and no updates please let me know where my package is

  102. Olga M. Batista

    Mailed two packages on the 13th of Sept. 2016. One got to the destination destroyed. The other one was never received by my sister.
    ITo this day I don’t know what happened. Please, I hope you do something about this. I visited the post office in my town but they couldn’t help me. Hope to recover, at least, my shipping fee. Packages sent to: 2141 N 74th Ct. Elmwood Park, Il. 60707 and 2316 N 74th Ave. Elmwood Park, Il. 60707 via priority mail. Tracking #s:9505 5111 4071 6257 0218 11 and 9505 5111 4071 6257 0218 28

  103. Jacquetta Rawlings

    Did I mention this was the 2nd package lost!!!!!!! I’m going to uncover their sting. Someone is stealing!!!!!

  104. Jacquetta Rawlings

    I will not use USPS AGAIN!!!!! IT HAS LOST MY PACKAGE A 2ND TIME!!!!! CAN’T ANYONE TO HELP! I haveE LOST MONE BY PURCHASING ITEMS AND TRUSTING THIS COMPANY TO DELIVER. I’M CALLING THE LOCAL NEWS TO DO AN INVESTIGATION! !!!! This is ridiculous! !!!!!! I am so furious. FedEx will get my business from this day forwatd. Hipwfyllt, the United states postal service goes out business. Truly useless!

  105. sonia Greenberg

    I paid for priority mail it was to be delivered in 3 days and it took . Tracking said it was delivered but I have not been notified by the person who was to receive it.
    So I have to believe it was not received as stated by tracking.

  106. Dianna M Francois

    I, have not heard or git feed back from y’all.

  107. jim clements

    Mailed a package on Monday the 19th..It has to travel about 145 miles..Here it is Wednesday afternoon and it has not gotten there..Also this is the second package I have mailed to this same address and for the second time tracking can not find the number I was given on my receipt to track it with.

  108. Carmen Marte

    Track 9461209699938778404438
    I need to know why a package was not delivered to a person sending a document that you left home when I was not

  109. Samuel Vansant

    why is my medication in iowa when it was 100 miles away from me? I have waited for it for 3 weeks went to Dr. and got new scripts . Where will you people send it next?
    I though 5 days to move a small package across Florida was a bit stupid. It has been in DesMoines Iowa for the Last 2 days. It is medication I depend on every day.
    This package started its trip on the 8 sept. It will be a story for FLAT STANLEY.

  110. Marilyn Nelson

    My Amazon order tracking number is 9361289693090024027262, and when inputting that number it shows delivered to the front door, my grandson advises me he was home at the time, no doorbell was rung and their is no package or no note left in his mailbox. My question is how do I go about resolving this problem. Please let me know asap my phone number is 303 233-1389 Marilyn Nelson

  111. Karl Malan

    Still waiting for my package , yet they say it was delivered to a mailbox , that does not exist, after asking for my package to be redirected to my new address. Now i dont know where my package is

  112. Dianna M Francois

    please locate my products and what date will they be returned. The products reached their distance.

  113. Dan

    wondering where my package is. ordered on 13th. just checked and it was in Orlando PO on 14th and didn’t leave that PO until the 17th – WTF?!?!? and there is no other information. where is it now? it is the 21st! no wonder people ship UPS

  114. hugo

    the item that was supposed to be shipped to me had a tag made for it to be mailed and then it seems like that very day it was claimed as “return to sender”
    How do I fix that? I already paid for the item. So I dont understand why it wouldnt be in transit to me in ks.

  115. Zhao

    Tracking number: 9374889691090153420291
    It shows my package has been delivered but I didn’t receive it. It’s the fourth package I didn’t receive. I need my packages, you guys should find my packages.

  116. terry eason

    What does ” processing exception” mean? Sent a package to Russia, tracking # LK006134399US on September 7th. It’s a phonograph record going First Class international. As of Sept 13, it was listed as Processing Exception in Rochester, NY… Is it still processing? And what is the exception? My customer may be wondering. Thanks, terry

  117. BarbarabWendel

    My package was shipped from Greenville, SC on 09/14/16. My estimated date of arrival at my location was set for 09/19/16. The package has been hung up in Memphis, TN for 3 days. It is 09/20/16 and I waited all day to get the package. This doesn’t say much for USPS. Where is #9534612115666258017408

  118. Bruce

    Arrived well ahead of estimated date on invoice. Pleasant experience. Postal folks very friendly in their assistance

  119. Susana

    hello. my name is Susana . some of my family made ​​a shipment from the US to Argentina , which appears to me as it has come on the 13th but actually my domilicio nothing has arrived . As I can know that I spend with sending ??
    numeor of the guide is ” ez122151254us “

  120. John Wright

    Would like to know why my pakage was send to the dead letter office for what appears to be no reason. I was suppose to get my package on sept 2 and after about 5 days of waiting cause i know things take there sweet time with usps. i went to my local post office to ask why it was send there and she had no idea why since the address that shows up for it is my address. I would like an eta but i feel like that won’t happen with this company. i would also like to know will i get my money back if i dont get my package in a timely manner because im starting to think all never see what i bought and then im out $200. For future reference maybe you should contact your customers sooner if this happens other then only contacting them when they go to you. My tracking number is 9205590181411218221327

  121. Deborah Paley

    I forgot to mention a 40 minute wait time for a human being when trying to re-schedule. Your organization is falling apart.

  122. Deborah Paley

    How does one make a complaint about a delivery person that won’t:

    ring the apt. door bell

    only leaves a note to pick up at PO

    when online re-scheduled, AND note is left at door to leave if I’m not home with another person (no signature required but I did sign the orange slip), TAKES the slip, no new slip, and 4 days later has not re-delivered or left another slip

    I want to make a formal complaint as he does this all the time to my roommates and poss. others in building. My PO is a very long walk and when I DID go to pick up when the slip said I should, the girl at the counter refused to look for the package, as she said I quote “They can’t expect me to be here at 9AM AND have the parcels ready.” I have one day off from my job every 4-5 days

    So, 6 days after the first “attempt” which is a JOKE, I will be going on my next day off to try to pick it up. This is the 181st St PO in Manhattan.

    This driver is NOT DOING HIS JOB and should be re-trained, disciplined, or FIRED. He definitely needs to be investigated. I imagine there is a huge build-up of parcels in the PO of items he has not delivered.

    I am very very upset at this, it is a smack in the face for all of us that have jobs we hate but still show up for and do.

  123. charles chagnon

    I mailed a priority letter from Florida to Massachusetts on Saturday and to be delivered on Monday. Well it is in Minnesota and hopefully get to mass. by Thursday.
    The closing on my house will be on hold until they recieive it.

  124. Gerald Parker

    My package came to town (Texas), then was inexplicably “forwarded” to somewhere else, wound up in the Kansas City P.O., from where it left over 6 weeks ago for parts unknown. Tracking number is 92612904851155581319374162 and the -package was properly addressed. There should not be a forwarding order for this address.

    Where is my package now?

  125. Clarence Jimmy

    Where are you located my package is awiating pick up

  126. mami

    Tracking number is RM 509 140 905 JP.
    I can’t believe that my package was put on the street under the post.

  127. Oscar Vasque

    Why may Package is not delíver is 4 weeks all ready please waiting for the Package # RA704148757US thanks

  128. Natalia Edwards

    Tracking number9505511588876259005823

  129. Natalia Edwards

    I am very unhappy with u guys service. I’ve been calling ur Brooklyn branch on church avenue since morning no ones picking up. I was getting a package shipped to me but the apt number was left out so I called the 1800 number on Saturday wen I discovered this issue by tracking my package spoke to a lady at 4:30pm after being on hold for longer than it was stated by the automated service. I provided her with all necessary info need she proceeded to take my name an number provided me with a redeliver confirmation an yet in still at 5:56pm it says my package was sent back to the south… What happened to them given me time to claim my package??? How can u just ship it back an I spoke to someone re guarding this issue an gave the info needed?? Now I’m gonna persue this matter by contacting consumers affairs because this practice isn’t right by any means

  130. David

    Trying to find where my product is it should have got here today September 19th. I checked tracking it shows it was picked up on September 12th in Los Angeles California. Need to know where it is now should of been here by now. Tracking # 9400111899563687948211

  131. Krystal Holt

    Tracking: 9374889688090058529996

    I have not received my item. It days it was dropped in/at mailbox and the the mailbox is empty.
    I sent an email but no response, I need to know own what happened to my package.

  132. Fernando Ramos

    Tracking #: 9400109699938775107044

    NEVER RECEIVED MY ITEM. So frustrating.

  133. javier garcia

    I checed my mail box and i found nothing track 9400110699972006963432

  134. Trina Beasley

    I Keep getting text messages on the tracking number 9400111899223832714244 stating they can’t deliver because the business is closed I only have one address listed and that’s my home address and i got a text message on Sunday morning @ 10:20 that it will be here by 8 pm tonight and 2 minutes later I got another text saying attempted to deliver but business is closed I think they are sending it to the wrong address because my home is not a business My cell phone number is 540-330-2079

  135. Brian

    Tracking Number: 9341989684090018640429.

    Item was listed as two day delivery. Item was stated that it was delivered in/at mailbox. Was no there. Two days later, item was addressed as undeliverable at address.
    If the mailman was incapable of getting it properly addressed to my residence, why can’t a pink slip be left with the rest of my small mail giving me the option of picking it up a post office that is nearby?

  136. Rosa Richardson

    They didn’t found the address for my delivery send it by September 12 and they didn’t returned to my domicile yet, I hope they can bring my mail tomorrow

  137. Charles G Sanders

    Pony Express is better than today’s USPS.

  138. Charles G Sanders

    My package was supposed to be delivered in 2 days time. It left Phoenix, AZ on Thursday and instead of going to the delivery destination in St. Louis, MO, was flown to St. Paul, Minnesota where it arrived on Friday at 2:45 am and stayed there until 8:09 pm Saturday night when it should have been delivered at its destination in St. Louis, MO on Saturday. Why the package was flown two states North of Missouri out of the way, I have no idea. It is past 12:00am now on Sunday morning as I am writing this. There is no indication nor have I received tracking notifications that the package I mailed from Phoenix, AZ sent priority mail is anywhere near the State of Missouri, let alone the delivery destination. I assume the US Post Office probably won’t deliver the package on Sunday. I am very frustrated with the USPS. In the future I will no longer mail packages from the USPS. I now understand why and will join people that trust either Federal Express or UPS. The USPS service is frustrating beyond belief. If I would have been told the realistic delivery date, this letter and my frustration with USPS would have been avoided. The USPS should refund my money for failure to deliver on the appointed date.

  139. Dylan Sutherland

    I would like to know where my package is because it is a week and a half later sinceitarived in alen park Michigan and it has not been delivered the tracking number is 9405509699939233718263

  140. thomas t reiley

    10 days ny 2 dallas stinn not del

  141. thomas t reiley

    10 days ny 2 dallas still not delivered

  142. Woojin

    It says my delivery item is collected for pick up.
    Then where can I go to pick it up?
    CV043244022US this is my tracking number.

  143. Clarence Jimmy

    My package was to be delivered today, yesterday now. The 16th of Sept. 2016, where do I go from here. Where’s my stuff.

  144. Anthony Johnson

    My priority package seems to be lost and everyone gives a different answer I’ll never use the post office again how can a package with a tracking number no be able to be tracked

  145. sergio

    Paid $20.86 for a box to be shipped to WA from TX. Confirmation says it was delivered to front porch; however, no box was received.
    We confirmed that delivery address was correct and we even took a picture of it before it was sent.
    It must have been shipped to the wrong house.

  146. Turner Amos

    have been waiting for my package since yesterday and i don’t what is wrong right now ..because the status stop updating since e days now and i want you to find solution to this

  147. Sharon Scholz

    My package has been sitting in NJ for 6 days now. What in the world is the hold up?

  148. Ronald Colon

    I’m suppose to recieve my package the 13th of september and it’s still in Jacksonville Fl. please mail it to me at puerto rico I will gladly appreciate it thank you very much.

  149. Heidi Todd

    Help … package was supposed to deliver last Tuesday (Sept 6). It has moved a few times, but I need to know when it will get there. Here is my tracking number 9505511422826245022124.

  150. Lisa Stockwell

    Worst service ever. My package sat in LA for 8 days for no reason, then got sent to Texas. I live in Seattle for reference. WTF IS THAT??? Worst service ever. I am beyond infuriated.

  151. Jose M. Escudero Rubio

    Hi!, the expected delivery day was 09/14/2016 and I just see that the envelope was departed from Dallas´s office yesterday but I have not confirmation to the delivery
    Track Number is 70161370000019337022
    Please, tell me what did it happen?


  152. Andrew Cooper

    Are you still with me guys??

  153. Andrew Cooper

    Cool… Thanks!

  154. Andrew Cooper

    Hi… My name is Andrew… I just want to know my when my package will be at my dooraproximately… ?

  155. Cynthia Zink

    It was delivered to the wrong house . The homeowner delivered it to me.

  156. Cynthia Zink

    Hi My Amazon package was not delivered to my house even though it shows that it was. . Please could you find out what happened ?

    track 9361289687090090086117

  157. iosif pinsky

    Tracking # 70070710000164732924

  158. iosif pinsky

    I sent certified mail 09/09/2016,and from 09/12 I see only “Delivery status not updated”! What kind service is that?

  159. Samet

    What the hell does “delivery status not updated” mean? You guys are never on time. It’s been 10 days, no update, nothing

  160. Iskandar Zulkarnain Roslen

    If i get a notice that say there is no safety place available, then what should i do? It should have arrived yesterday. Not happy.

  161. Sheri

    I paid for ground service on 9/7 for 9/13 delivery date. That means that my boxes were supposed to be delivered by yesterday, September 13, 2016. However, my packages are still at the delivery destination in Memphis and have not been delivered to the USPS destination in Memphis. I noticed that the packages sat at the main entry destination for three days before it went to the USPS in Memphis. It is still not there as of today. I would like to know when my packages will be delivered.
    Tracking numbers

  162. Charles House

    When I put my tracking # down we are required to choose from u.s.p.s, fed ex,ups,etc.I chose usps because that is the carrier being used. However when I call you usps you keep saying we are not USPS.We just do the tracking.Listen up fellas what do your pay checks say; I thought so.So stop saying you”re not U.S.P.S

  163. Charles House

    Tracking # 9400109699938764576172 I am so sick and tired of U.S.P.S “s incompetance and half measures with tracking.Is tracking that difficult that every package of mine moves from here to there and then to here and then and always “THEN” nothing—No movement like the package decided to go on vacation somewhere; You check the next day and the next day, NOTHING–NO MOVEMENT–No nothing, but then and only sometimes it shows up 12-15 days later.This is what U.S.P.S calls Tracking.

  164. Charles House

    My package via of U.P.S was transferred to USPS on August 23rd in Springfield Massachusetts it has since then been lost according to tracking no one has any idea where this package is.Could someone at U.SP.S possibly look into where this star of Unsolved Mysteries just might be hiding .I am tired of arguing with the seller who does nothing but blame it on U.S.PS. The tracking number is #800876002092321871.

  165. gustavo tedesco

    track 9505521436826229000126
    I need to know because the package has not been delivered in the specified direction thanks

  166. Diane Manner

    Not satisfied with delivery!!!

  167. Cinthya canales

    even I do not receive my package and says it has already delivered but I did not receive this is the number 9374889675090072551269

  168. Kyle

    Tracking# 9405509699938700288636
    This package shows delivered to my front porch today 8/17/2016 4:24pm bit the package is not their. Another package tracking# 1Z5FW6760399774008 I had delivered threw USPS arrived today as well and was sitting on my front porch when I arrived home from work. Mysteriously when I enter tracking# 1Z5FW6760399774008 it shows NOT FOUND. Hopefully my dilemma is clear. PLEASE HELP!!

  169. Mia rodriguez

    My package was sent to a address that was not mine

  170. VILMA rosa

    Please redeliver my parcel from Walmart someone is home all day Vilma rosa 144 esdy 208st apt GA my cell is 646-372/3308

  171. VILMA rosa

    I am waiting for a Walmart package st 144 east 208 St that wad atte motes on 8-17 -16. I waited in front of my bldg till 930 and caled the Post Office 8 times and spoke to 3 carrier carrier doing parcels some is home all day plead te deliver on Thursday 8-18.

  172. Tawana Ersery

    Please help me locate my package I sent to a solider in Germany that is showing in new Jersey. I mailed package Aug. 4th. Thank you 9534610876186217011518

  173. Rebecca hoffman

    Don’t know why my package isn’t delivered and hasn’t moved it 3 business days….

  174. Crystal

    Did it ever come? I ordered something and the business sent it to me through this mailing complany and mine has been stuck on departed Vancouver for about 2 weeks now!

  175. Cindy Shirley (Roger)

    This is totally unacceptable. It was supposed to be in my hands August 8th. It got LOST twice! on its way to me. I’m no longer recommending USPS as the way to send. And I STILL don’t have my package on the 15th….

  176. Ronald Thomas

    I did not receive my package and it says it came yesterday but I don’t have it I have another package that wasn’t suppose to get here until next week

  177. Saif tarish

    My package in Jamaica from 5 days
    Tracking Number : LJ904175231US
    Shipping service : USPS First Class Mail Intl / First Class
    How the package 5days in Jamaica ????????

  178. Chantel

    The thing that im having a hard time understanding for postal shipment made from the international mailing. Ive been going on every website on google to track my package and for some odd reason. My tracking number CP303655252PH is still in Honolulu US Customs. Will someone tell me why there is no update about my package when i refresh it 6x a day? Im getting frustrated and confused i’ve been waiting for almost a month and a half for this package to arrive.

  179. Andy Gozaine

    It happened twice this week, I paid $27.50 to send overnight from Dallas to pansylvania with money back guarantee that they will receive it on 8/11/2016 by 3 pm it arrived at the post office in PA at 1.15 pm and they did not deliver it till next day the recipient got a call from post office to go pick it up. And again my sister sent me checks from los Angeles to my home in Dallas guaranteed for 8/12/2016 and till now haven’t received it. This caused me to loose a truck that I was buying that the owner sold to someone else because I didn’t make the deadline. Way to go usps from now on I’ll pay more to fedex my mail instead.

  180. Chasity Cramer

    My package said delivered in at mailbox. I live in a apartment complex so we have a separate mailbox with a key for big packages. When I went to check my mail the mail man put the key to the big box in the wrong mail box now someone else has my package. I am not very happy about this as now someone else has received my package

  181. Mark

    So far not good. 2 day delivery turned into 6 days. Yes, that’s 3 times longer.

  182. Jordan

    I paid for 2 day shipping, as my package goes to Puerto Rico, and now it appears that it’s not coming to me? I call the people and they give me no support, as this is USPS shipping error

  183. Nelson

    USPS es la compañía de correos más mierda que hay en este país , ya se me han estrabiados tres paquetes con este , y sigo cayendo en esta estafa , pero ya me canse y mañana voy demandarlos por robo , partida de incompetentes

  184. Charles house

    Today is July 14th .Absolutely no tracking since the 12th.This entire tracking from Texas has been like this, no information for 3 or 4 days and then the only tracking I get is “In transit”.Unbelievable when your packages are being stolen at your front door and your only line of defense is your delivery company tracking so you can be there when it arrives , but you can’t count on them because their tracking doesn’t work worth a dam.

  185. Louie E

    My package is in Brisbane Australia. How can that happen when I paid extra for a service I didn’t get. I live in TORONTO CANADA. The address states clearly toronto canada.
    Not impressed. How do I get my parcel or even my money back. I guess I’m out the money and the parcel. I guess you live and learn and don’t shop online. It was my first time and las time shopping online

  186. Louie E

    I live in toronto canada but my package was shipped to Brisbane Australia.
    Hmmm I wonder why that is. I guess the address that says toronto canada is written in a different language. I guess someone will enjoy what I ordered. And I problly won’t get my money back.
    Not impressed one bit

  187. Adrian

    My package was supposd to be delicered by the 28th of june. Its the 5th of July and still nothing. Not very impressed…

  188. KeLLy higgins

    I have not received this item I have ordered and I would like to know how I can get it

  189. Julie

    I paid for 3 days and now 5 days later… No receive what problem???????

  190. Jianfeng

    It’s been 15 days since “pre shipments info sent to usps”, I didn’t even get one update for 15 days. It’s unbelievably slow.

  191. Camille

    Why it is written that my package passed in Canada and then he returned to the United States? The package must be delivered to Canada . Is it normal? In the tracking it’s writed “Montreal, Canada” (not the final destination) and after “Miami, United States”.

  192. Rémi Néron

    How to track the delivery of my collis once he arrived in Canada


    I want to know where is my order I checked my order and said that I get but I have not received

  194. Carlos

    Donde está mi envió lo envié hace 10 días de Miami hacia houoston tx y no lo han recibido.

  195. jacquelin muchotrigo

    in monitoring says that I deliver my package in the mail box yesterday, I’ve gone and there is nothing please i need an explanation and who is responsible for this? LK890486483CN

  196. yan matteau

    I never recive the package. #order shipping rp340905590sg and the tracking showed that it’s completes shipped!

  197. Mousa

    When will be receive my Wishlist ??

  198. Walberto Lara

    My adress is calle 05 f-3 Urb Turabo Gardens 00725

  199. ana zuniga

    Donde está mi paquete no me da información en registro de mi paquete y ya lleva mucho tiempo

  200. lyna razik

    Package track number: LX521280928US
    Where is my package ? It has been more than 14 working days

  201. Glenis Soto

    Didnt recive my package at my mailbox. This my tracking numer 9200190102179070042688

  202. marcel de voyer

    CORRECTION Adress miss 1st number

    MY package suppose received May 9 but the compagny never receive!!!!
    Tracking is: CJ510302769US deliver to Grandir Sans Frontieres
    4932 Rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H4G 1X6

  203. marcel de voyer

    MY package suppose received May 9 but the compagny never receive!!!!
    Tracking is: CJ510302769US deliver to Grandir Sans Frontieres
    932 Rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H4G 1X6

  204. Walter Gonzalez

    I need to know what happened I be in waiting for long time all ready and my item is not delivered yet what is the problem item track number is RS431511186NL can someone please answer me.

  205. Eric

    Tracking history sez package at collection point
    Where would that be pls?
    My tracking num#cj481393059us.


  206. Juan david Chumil Ibaté

    In my orders on Amanzon says that May 13 delivered the package and l have not received anything yet. Thank you

  207. Giannina

    Hi my package its out for delivery , but I would like to change the adress, I know I need to pay the change of address but the person that’s going to bring the package to Venezuela fly today at 1pm and the package says delivered at 8pm, what can I do ? If there’s no solution then delivered the package.

  208. Alexandra Mancheno

    Dear usps i cant find my package so can you help me to find it i wanna know what is the package location because i wanna go to pick it my tracking number is this 92612904852890571073550264

  209. Diane Chamberland

    Why was my package blocked at customs since May 18? LZ592038286US
    Thank you for your reply.

  210. Alberto vergara

    Necesito saber de mi paquete por favor por que tarda tanto

  211. Keyla Lopez

    Can You please sent my Package Back to me

  212. Greg

    Why doesn’t my tracking number show me;
    A) ship from address.
    B) destination address
    C) expected delivery date
    How can I confirm my package will arrive on time without this information?

  213. Ana Gato Tsuchiya

    The correct address is 1681 NW 107th Lane . Plantation . Zip Code 33322

  214. Ana Gato Tsuchiya

    please made a mistake in my delivery address as I fix ?? please help my product appears As undeliverable please help me…

  215. abel eumana olivera

    Hi. I’m looking for a packed for abel eumana that’s was delivered last saturday between 8:30 am to 9:30 am but i dont recived . Please can you tell me what happen with packed or where i can go to pick up #9374889686090010913551. Thank you.

  216. Socorro gomez

    I like to know what time my package arrive to my place

  217. Sara Reynoso

    Good morning

    From May 6 my package is “available for pick up status”, however, i dont get this, since you are suppose to delivered to the place i provide, not a post office.
    am I wrong ? it suppose to be me the one who pick up the package?
    I really need some help to know what im going to do.

  218. Claudia Garcia

    necesito saber donde recoger 9374889676090035057912 favor llamar al 5109090233 en español porfavor,

  219. Jazmin

    My package was supposed to be delivered on 5/02/2016 and nothing. Then it supposed to be delivered on 5/05/2016 and nothing. It’s been going everywhere on 5/02/2016 it was on the city that it was supposed to be delivered but for no reason it went to another city. I’m angry because I really need my package.

  220. Mariana

    I shipped an item to Brazil and there was no one home when the mail person arrived at my house. Now it says it is waiting while the adressee is being notified (since May 2nd). What should I do next?

  221. Colin

    How come my package hasn’t bin updated in 3 days u pay for the service and u guys don’t even keep it up to date.
    Tracking #
    9400 1096 9993 7538 7903 25

  222. Estuardo lux castro

    Estoy esperando mi paquete ya tiene más de un mes y no llega esto si es un mal servicio por favor mejoren sus servicios que para eso uno paga todo lo que le existen a uno muy muy mal servicio

  223. Joey navedo

    It says my package was delivered at 4pm today and left in the mailbox. It isn’t there. Nor is it at the front door or side entrance the package is missing! Who do I contact?

  224. Andy

    Very disappointed, my product was sent to Dallas Texas! I live in Canada!! How could they do such a mistake !

  225. Charles K. O. Addo

    I wish to find out whether the destination of a shipment can be changed while it is on route. I’m expecting a package addressed to Stoke on Trent ST3 3NQ UK with tracking number LJ879861448US. Is it possible to change the destination address to Charles Addo c/o Aloft Bolingbrook
    500 North Janes Avenue, Bolingbrook, IL, 60440, United States 
    Phone: 630-410-6367.

    I hope that this is possible.

  226. angel

    i want to see when my phone be thered way it no go yee it

  227. Marv nowlin

    First time I used this company. Unlike all other modes of shipping such as ups for example it falls short of telling u on the tracking site :
    A) ship from site
    B) destination site
    C) when u might receive parcel
    ) where parcel is on date. It is the 28th of May and tracking stops on 27th.
    How can businesses run with this type of shipping? Can’t even contact someone to discuss above. Since u can’t get ahold of anyone im sure this comment will fall on deaf ears!

  228. Henry Lawrence

    I have been waiting patiently for this package. I have seen that it has arrived at the local post office weeks ago, and I have been actually waiting for months to receive this. I do not understand why there is such a delay, or where the package is now.

    There are actually 2 packages. The tracking number for one is RX626445391CH and the other is LS712593282CN . This is frustrating. There is no need for me to complain to the shipper when the tracking says they’ve been at the local post office for weeks.


    LS766816116CN im still waiting for triste package


    the person who sent you the package has not received what you say the received in that address. the tracking number is 9505512992726092248900

  231. Esthela

    I sent a prioirty mail package April 6 and to this day they have not revieved it. How can I find out what happened to the package?

  232. Monica Marulanda

    In my orders on amazon says that April 22 delivered the package and I have not received anything yet.
    Thank you

  233. Erick aguilar

    I need information about my delivered please

  234. Dan

    Finally arrived with todays mail. What a ride!!!!!! Only took 8 days to get here, which is quite remarkable being the two addresses are less than two hours away by car. You have got to love the Post Office. So thankful for sites like Here’s the rest of the trip…..
    Time and date Place Message
    Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 3:55 PM SARASOTA , FL DELIVERED IN/AT MAILBOX
    Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 8:56 AM SARASOTA , FL OUT FOR DELIVERY
    Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 3:34 AM SARASOTA , FL ARRIVAL AT UNIT
    Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 8:42 PM SARASOTA , FL ARRIVE USPS FACILITY
    Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 7:06 PM TAMPA , FL DEPART USPS FACILITY
    Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 6:35 PM TAMPA , FL DEPART USPS FACILITY
    Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016 3:56 PM TAMPA , FL ARRIVE USPS FACILITY



    I have the tracking number 9505 5110 5828 6106 5200 50 , the delivery date was planned for this monday April 18th, however there is no any update of this since Sunday. Kindly confirm if the package was already delivered.

  236. Camille Bergez-Casalou

    Hi all,

    I’m worried because I sent a package to Canada last month and my friend still didn’t get it. But she is leaving in 2 weeks and on the tracking page, it says that it was in Los Angeles March the 24th. Do you have some advices for me ? Should I do anything with Canada’s post offices ?

    The tracking number is the 9114 9014 9645 0642 7472 41.

    Thank you for your help,

  237. lorraine parsons

    What do I pay for I thought if it is First-Class Parcel service that it’s suppose to be delivered on the date on your receipt. The Post Office is really lacking in the area delivery on time.

  238. yeliana taricani

    my friend sent could not be delivered to my address, as they can help me, my tracking number 9405511899223235470221

  239. brenda

    Tracking #9361289670090024944650

    my package did not arrive Friday as you say! and I checked into the office and there did not deliver anything! how do I find my package?

  240. Dan

    The saga continues. Item went to Kearny, NJ and then out for delivery. That changed and item back at Kearny USPS facility 4/16. Sunday 4/17 item now shipped back to Florida and currently in West Palm Beach. To be continued………….
    Time and date Place Message
    Saturday, Apr 16, 2016 5:36 AM KEARNY , NJ Departed USPS Facility
    Friday, Apr 15, 2016 10:12 PM KEARNY , NJ Arrived at USPS Facility
    Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 11:18 AM JERSEY CITY , NJ Arrived at USPS Facility
    Thursday, Apr 14, 2016 4:27 AM SPRINGFIELD , MA Departed USPS Facility
    Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 10:29 PM SPRINGFIELD , MA Arrived at USPS Facility
    Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 8:34 AM TAMPA , FL Arrived at USPS Facility
    Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 12:21 AM JACKSONVILLE , FL Departed USPS Facility
    Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016 10:28 PM JACKSONVILLE , FL Arrived at USPS Facility
    Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016 9:13 PM ORANGE PARK , FL Accepted at USPS Origin Facility
    Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016 4:22 PM ORANGE PARK , FL Shipment Picked Up

  241. Marco Tulio Andrade

    Does my comment need moderation?. I’m sorry may be my English it’ no so good. I’m sorry. I’ve try to be polite and I don’t understand your answer? I’m sorry for everybody. Marco Tulio Andrade

  242. Marco Tulio Andrade

    Good morning for all of you:
    I’m waiting for my package from Wednesday April 13, 2016 and nothing arrived to my mail box. So I don’t know what it is the problem..
    I’ve track every day and nothing delivery. I need you help me, please.
    My track is 9114 9999 4423 8017 4372 75

  243. ana zuniga

    Where my package come?

  244. Erwin Pardo

    The package says it was delivered in another direction, my address is 12991 Nw 1st St, Pembroke Pines 33025 Apt 5-, 204, not Hollywood.

  245. Erwin Pardo

    The package says it was delivered in another direction, my deirección is 12991 Nw 1st St, Pembroke Pines 33025 Apt 5-, 204, not Hollywood.

  246. HEriberto RIvera

    Yes, problem with the procesing, what that means?

  247. Dan

    Purchased item on ebay. April 12th my item from Orange Park, FL. with a destination of approx an hour and half away in Florida too. Item went to Tampa facility. From Tampa it was shipped to Jersey City, NJ. Huh?! Contacted seller who advises he shipped item to correct address in FL. As of today, April 14th, item now out for delivery in Jersey City, NJ. Can’t wait to see when USPS realizes that Sarasota, FL is not located anywhere near Jersey City. To be continued……………..

  248. Pamela

    Not happy!I am waiting mail from my job, important, they pay 2 days with tracking #.Took 4 days and the records said he came at 7.42 pm and mailbox was block and I am being here from 6 pm, nobody knock the door or leave a pink paper, mailbox is not block at all.I was already at the post office today early waiting for the mail and they said to wait home for the delivery. Now I will have to go tomorrow again to post office because mail never came.Lost of time and cause job issues.

  249. Sarah Cresswell

    Very confused, Im unable to track my package. I’ve been given a customs declaration number, but it doesn’t work as a tracking number. Is there any way to find out where my package is? It’s being shipped to Canada.

  250. pamela stimak

    my tracking information has remained the same since 3/11/16 and today is 4/14/16. On 3/11/16 the information on tracking said that the package was processed through facility in LosAngeles CA–Where in the world is it more than 1 month later!!!???


    I made a purchase and sent to the requested address , but when they went to take my business was closed package . When they try delivery again ?. How I can do to get my package ?. The package is identified with tracking #: 9400111899223261591126

  252. Joey boss

    Why isn’t the tracking services updating

  253. Stacey gorniak

    I still havnt received my item after 1 month. Tracking history only goes back 2 weaks but won’t update.

  254. Saul Beristain

    I get a notice that had delivered a package at 3:55 Sunday was at that time at home and not really, want to know is happening, when I buy the product there said to be delivered from 12 to 14 April, not on April 10 (mi address is 2205 southgate st Durham 27703 thanks.
    this is my tracking #9361289685090022783994

  255. Margaret Brandes

    My package was sent on 03-24-16, and expected delivery was 3-30-16. My package still has not been delivered 04-09-16. Very upset with the USPS. This package is going to my son that is serving our country. (care package for him and his friends) Tracking- 9534 6138-1144-6084-3574-80 The package is still in California, was only going to Texas. I do understand that weather can become a issue, but this is too long for delivery. This has not been the first time I have had issues. I paid for the delivery to be on time. Thanks for any help.

  256. Bailey Brack

    Worst shipping service I have EVER come across. Hopefully USPS picks up there slack soon and actually delivers on time like they say! I am very frustrated!

  257. Luis

    I ordered a package from Amazon to pine manor collage but it never arrived to my collage, it says delivered on Amazon but it’s not here. I don’t know where to find it. Please help.
    Tracking 9200199999977927782890




  259. Aida


    We ordered an item with amazon prime and was expected to be delivered by April 1st. Now we check and it says it’s undeliverable??!!! Address is absolutely correct and have used it before. How can we get our item?!

  260. angry customer (Maria )

    where my package and I been waiting for a month and a half and my package does not arrive .

  261. Jose Ramirez

    Hi My package with track 9400109699937449957527 appear as UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED. But the address is correct. I believe that the number of apartment is missing. The number is 25A

  262. Alejandra barboza

    Hi, why it said that my package is ” ready for pickup” ? It was sent to a specific adress not to a post office.
    Tracking number 9405510200830102161004

  263. Tapia


    Is being procesed for 17 days and did not go through

  264. Ricardo Villarreal

    My information is correct my number is. # 9405511699000891375020 thank you send my message

  265. Ricardo Villarreal

    my packet is undelivered as adress why? My informacion is correc. # 9405511699000891375020 thanks

  266. Javier

    i didn’t receive my package yet!!!!

  267. Joel

    Its been a month and my package is not here yet please contacte me

  268. Mike Agee

    Please update the delivery of my package! It is sitting in NY for SEVERAL according to uses tracking.
    I would very much appreciate any information. .

    Mike Agee
    105 buckskin. Dr
    Huachuca city Az 85616

  269. Merlys

    Cant. Upsp redelivery my packet plz

  270. Jackeline

    I missed my delivery. Now I don’t know what to do. They say they left a notice but I didn’t find anything. I hate that they don’t leave my delivery without my authorize. I mean I know it’s not safe but I’m not always at home!!! Now I don’t know where my stuff is!!! So annoying!!!!!!!!

  271. Vianey Rodríguez

    Nesesito que mi paquete lo entreguen hoy tengo más de 3 semanas que lo envíe y ustedes no lo an entregado espero que sean un compañía sería y again su trabajo por eso pague no lo están a siendo gratis mi número es confinación es 953461484716070050276

  272. Yves Ayotte

    Wicht of your partner will deliver my package and when should I get it? Tracking CJ154552852US.


    Yves Ayotte

  273. David humber

    Not getting very good service. Still haven’t received ly package .it been a month and a was 9nky going from kentucky to alberta.

  274. Ameyalli Aguiñar

    Hi, is there any updates about the tracking number LK193514428US?
    Since March 1st it’s at the same status

  275. Noiva Gonzalez

    hello I´m not received my package in mailbox. tracking # 9374889677090004109078. can you help me? Please. Thank you!
    My phone number 305-9670612
    Address: 3606 NW 5th avenue apt 707. Miami, Fl. 33127

  276. UM

    Re: LC967403448US
    My package that I mailed on March 8, has been in Chicago for already 9 days. Why is it taking so long?

  277. Tania

    Tracking Number: 9361289682090017410709
    They keep on saying that they left the package in the mailbox but there wasn’t anything to be pickup. And my mailbox is way to little to put a box in it.

  278. Angui

    Have my package arrived to Morocco o besen 2 weeks sopost be 8 days?

  279. carmen

    Its no update!!! Please I hace like 4 day waiting ser where is My package..?car


    One of my packages was delivered in a different location with a different zip code. Who responds for that?

  281. Hashim

    My tracking number is
    How long takes for my packet to be deleverd

  282. Olivia

    This website is awesome!!! Seriously, if it wasn’t for your wide usage of different postal services to track items. I would have done contacted some sellers and said some not so nice words!!! Your website has saved a lot of heartache and ibuprofen for headaches! Very happy with the ability to track everything without opening multiple tabs for different postal services! 🙂


    I mistakenly put on 9410810899495022239502 an incorrect zipcode. How do I change it? it should be 33157 instead of 18921

  284. Desiree mason

    I just moved here 3/2 from 927 Shelor Ferry Rd, Fair Play, SC. I ordered online items & put our new address we were moving to in 2 days. The site said it would take 7-10 days. I have not received my items & it’s been 2 weeks. Did they leave them at my old address- 927 Shelor Ferry Road. Fair play, SC? I went online for an address change & we are getting mail at our new address. I don’t have a tracking number. How can I get my items? My new address is 725 Hunters lane, GA 30052?

  285. Tiffany

    1722 dallas st

  286. Surya

    Very much disappointed with the USPS service . my product is in customs clearance in Toronto since 9march , I don’t know why is it stuck there , I ordered it on Amazon.CA
    I eagerly waiting for my product beats headphones
    Someone please reply……!
    Tracking ID : LC772922140US

  287. Yunior pinillo ganzalez

    Hello i want to what time i will get my packet is out delivery. I ned it quick i payd for that. Thanks

  288. Edgar

    My Package LZ961056396US is at Facility ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) since February 20, 2016, 12:59 pm

    I did not receive any update, whe it will be move to the next location?

  289. Francisco

    I pay for priority international and since my package arrived sine January 28 in Jamaica NY still not updated and I call already and still nothing why did someone knows what happens with that it’s it’s already March 16 it’s bout Tobe 2 months and they still have in there.

  290. Azis kurniawan

    My packet not delivery yet can sent my packet back to my address

  291. Mauricio Patino

    Could you help me please. I need to know when my package it’s arrived to destination. Just about when… # RR568287699US. Post office tell me take about 10 day’s to arrive to destination. I shipped on 2/23/16 thanks

  292. Cecilia Barbutin ortiz

    here says my package delivery came today but do not get where claim or when I deliver

  293. William De Paz

    hello can you help me I need to know where my article # track 9374889678090005397848

  294. rayner bolivar

    Buenos dias quisiera saber donde esta mi paquete. Numero de tracking 9400111699000689209480 dice para entregar el 12 m y ya estamos en el 14 march

  295. Theodore Greenberg

    Where is my package it was supposed to be here by March 9th and now it’s March 14th what the hell is going on here if it’s here by 10 am then I am going to cancel my order

  296. David

    How do you find out when it comes back my tracking doesn’t work what a waste of ten dollars I paid

  297. Sharon

    I sent this box two weeks ago and buyer never received, I’ve not gotten an info in it either?

  298. Nancy

    Why my package was in Trenton nj and now is in Texas?. That is like going back

  299. Cassie

    I had a package as priority, it is a day late and there hasn’t been bad weather to explain it. I called the system and the tracking number that is unbelievably long was unable to be searched. The service sucks and needs to be taken away! I need this package for a wedding shower on sunday… I’ve never had shipping probpems, even in terrible weather.

  300. Amy

    My package was departed on 2/18 delivering to China. But after it has arrived in Shanghai on 2/24, it stopping tracking! And today is 3/11, my friend still hasn’t got the package!! Please help!!

  301. Jessenia

    Buenas noches!
    Por favor su ayuda, realicé una compra en 6pm, Ellos indican que será trasladada por Uds con el tracking 9361289673090012029281, la dirección
    5197 NORTHLAWN WAY, ORLANDO, FL 32811 7682.
    Estoy revisando su página y el paquete consta como entregado el día de ayer, pero nunca me llegó.
    Solicito se me indique en qué lugar lo entregaron y a qué persona. URGENTE!

  302. Liz

    Not happy at all! Sent my son who is away at College a care package of home cooked food at a very stressful time for him (finals week) & hasn’t received it! I sent it Priority Mail which should have been there in 2 days & to date no package! Not only wasted $$$ on food but also all the time I spent cooking!!!! On top of all that I spent $50 to ship this package!!!!!!! As of today the package has been at their NJ facility for days & when I called no one can do anything about it & no answers as to why it hasn’t left NJ yet. I’m am so furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. Yamirli Rodrigurez


    I have a package track number # 9374889673090007757393.

    You have reported was arrived on Wednesday .
    But yet, I not has been received nothing.

  304. Siasia

    Tracking #LS568647848CN

    It says my package was processed through Chicago, IL FEBRUARY 27th at 3:04 am so why hasn’t it been received to it’s destination nor had any other transitions and it is now MARCH 10th ?

  305. Lizeth garcia

    This is the leyend q appears and we’re to March 9

    The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An updated delivery date will be provided when available. Your item departed our USPS facility in DULLES, VA 20101 on March 6, 2016 at 5:42 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

  306. Lizeth garcia

    My package is late how much longer it will take to arrive?
    # 70141200000035264443

  307. C.J. Sparks

    I really appreciate this site. Im “that guy” thats needs to know where my stuff is at all times. Its very reassuring to wake up in the middle of the night to learn that my item has arrived at a certain waypoint or that its in transit to another facility…..thanks, guys….





  309. Stone age

    Hello i don t received my box since 2/02 can you please check and tell me if you find it CV038841535US and miss another box too i will send you the track number this morning thks lili

  310. Jimmie mc adams

    The box I shipped there is no requirements for a foreign country to scan it into the system so I can find out if it was delivered or stolen because the items are listed on the shipping info

  311. David humber

    Tracking number# LZ859287570US
    My package was shipped on the 13th of February and I still haven’t received it. It’s been 24 days. Just wondering what happened to it or where it could be. Thank you.

  312. David

    How do you find out when my package is coming back??????

  313. Tiffany

    My package was ship from Florida a week ago and it is still in Ohio transit I don’t get what’s going on here pls help me understand why my package is taking so long

  314. Susie

    My package was never delivered! I’m so furious!

  315. Gerelmaa Nyamdorj

    Hi. I sent a package from Walnut Creek CA to WA in 03/02/2016. But I wrote wrong address . Can I fix the address?

  316. C .smith

    Usps is really no good I paid for next day delivery missed the delivery
    They did not leave a card so i had to call around to several post offices wait on hold for close to an hour reschedule delivery for the next business day and they still didn’t deliver my package from now on DHL or ups usps will no longer get my business

  317. Angelica

    I buy a package from eBay and the tracking number says I receive the package but I don’t, this is the first time something hapend I allways receive everything on time. I need some one to email me back to see what hapend with my package thanks.

  318. Alex Hall

    Almost one month later and I have no idea where the hell my package is. Granted I sent a package from US to India, I was still given the impression that the package would be delivered safely. I sent it February the 4th, and it is March 4th. No updates with a stagnant February 6th update as my last. This is why I would only use FedEx for important packages that I needed delivered internationally. Nationally, the USPS has been on time and consistent from my experience. International disappointment though… and what good is that in a global economy.

  319. Jo Anne Puketza

    4 pm today I received a message frim amazon that my order was delivered and then I checked usps it it said delivered also but when I checked my mailbox theres nothing there! this was my second time happened. What should I do? I waited weeks for that! it’s so frustrating ?
    please kindly fix it! #9400110200793900082452 is my tracking number

  320. Chris

    My package was shipped from Maine to CT as it was suppose to. Some how it is now in NJ before coming back to CT.. Umm did I miss something on why it was sent further away before being delivered to my house? More so since it was at a post office in CT only 2 towns away from me (15min drive).

  321. Mrs. Murphy

    I would just like to write a review about this all in one tracking page to the employees of this site/company. I do say you guys have a lot of patience and great responses for some odd questions from some. As I can add from the admin itself, this is just a tracking site. They do not handle anything or have anything to do with your package other than to try and help some of us out here that have orders through more than one company and can use one website to track it all! I have never had any problems out of USPS or ups other than one package was delivered a day early than the site told me the day before. But hey, it got here a day early! I just want to say thanks to the All In One Tracking team for keeping us posted on our products and providing all the info I need on one website!!! Have a great day!

  322. Joey Wang

    How can I change the address ??

  323. Margaret

    My package was sent to 4 different place’s in Des Moines WHY?? Not very happy. Hope I get it tomorrow!

  324. Holly

    This whole tracking thing would be awesome if USPS would actually scan the package. I paid extra for 2 day prioirty mail and they haven’t updated the tracking since the tracking number was made. I know it’s been shipped I talked to the sender. Its going on 3 days of nothing. Ugh!

  325. Alejandro

    I have not received my shoes and I sent them since February 24 my track number LS584932912CN

  326. toni boyd

    Yes I want to know why my package hasn’t been moved since the 23rd of February and it is now march 2. I need to talk to someone immediately

  327. Allan Salvador

    My package is still in custom in philippines when will it be out to go to mail to my girlfriend its almost a month of waiting, this is the second time that this delay takes so long. Please can you folks follow up the package , im very upset how long to xlear a small package.

  328. Jonathan pridie

    my package was picked up in Louisiana on Feb 26 at 8 something pm I live in Ontario Canada what’s going on like who is going to make this right tracking # LZ961376523US

  329. Muna

    I am requesting this package tracking number : cx567109683ca

  330. Muna

    My package has been sitting in a sorting facility in California since November 2015. This is unacceptable. I can’t reach the facility because there is no contact number. My family sent my a care package for Christmas and I have yet to receive it. I have asked the USPS that delivers the mail in my area but he has been no help.

  331. David McQueen

    I have a package that has been held at a post office at 33916, I need to know how and where to pick this up before it gets sent back please. Could someone please get back to me ASAP. I have had a few packages sent back in the past year and it is getting costly.

    Thank You
    D. McQueen
    (239) 245-1804

  332. Mark Carlson

    My postman may be inadequate

  333. Mark Carlson

    My packages left PA 5 days ago. Where are they? 9400110200829926250800 and 1388


    El paquete esperado con el tracking indicado, que tuvo un intento de entrega el 2/22/2016, continuo su ruta hacia el destino Riviera Beach esperando su entrega el día 26 DE FEBRERO A LAS 8, 00 PM, NO FUE ENTREGADO. EL destinatario es Alejandro Sajon y vive en 5540 N Ocean Drive, apto 6A, Riviera Beach , Zip Code 33404, solicito con urgencia me reenvien el mismo como surge del tracking de la Compania Amazonn al domicilio indicado sin necesidad de mi firma, aclarando que ese es mi domicilio. Condo Waterglades Torre 100

  335. Daryoush

    This is for another package being delivered by USPS: There also needs to be daily updates on this site. The last update is on the 23rd. It’s the 26th! Where is my package?

  336. Daryoush

    My packaged was NOT delivered, despite this site saying it was delivered.

  337. Fuck usps

    Worst fucking delivery service out there

  338. Rafael O'Neal

    Order my package February 23, 2016, with free two-day shipping by Amazon. Here its February 26, 2016 4:07pm ct. I HAVE NOT RECIEVE MY PACKAGE. I TRACKED THE PACKAGE AND ALL IT SAYS IS LEFT Spartanburg, SC @ 11:44PM FEB 23! Where is my package pkease?

  339. Patricia Little

    There has been no tracking information on my package since 12/21/2105. Asked 3 times with now response . Tracking number is LS317366732CN. I am waiting for a refund for this package and it’s been a rediculous my long time.

  340. Carl

    Please see tracking # 9405511899223787637042. My package was picked up on Feb 5th and has not yet delivered. Today is Feb 26th. I have no one to contact to get status on this package or where it is.

  341. Edward may

    Paid for express mail and was promised two day delivery. Was not delivered as promised. Can I get a refund?

  342. Maoly Duarte

    good afternoon I hope you can help me because my comment has to do with the change of address of an order that I have because otherwise change the package ‘s tracking number of my order is LS578725765CN , and the new serious address 778 essex you lose st Apt 1, Lawrence

  343. Jana

    Please help with finding my package tr#9114901496450103996843…
    Thank you very much!

  344. Humberto

    Im waiting on a envelope to be deliver at my house and my tracking number says that the item was delivered at a front desk or reception. Whats goin on here? I also found it weird that i havent receive any mail at all in the last 5 business days, not even flayers from food stores or any other garbage

  345. Ramya

    I am waiting for a priority mail which was forwarded to my new address. The last tracking update is showing for 19th feb. it is a very important document and I can’t afford to loose it. Is there any way I can know the current status of the document and where it is?
    Tracking no. 9205590153708464505668

  346. Luis Mota

    Donde se encuntra mis documentos ? Usps traking # rb820532946us

  347. Christy farmer

    Im trying to reach out abd see where my package is becayse they are sending it to the wrong address and I’ve paid for my order but they haven’t giving me a tracking number

  348. Ever Roger

    My package was delayed on Jacksonville and suposed to arrive to the destination on 23rd. I’m not sure about what happened but is still in transit and I sent it a week ago because today should be able to fly to my country. Please let me know what’s going on?

  349. Eva Gavidia

    Good day.

    Dear , Feb. 18 send a package from Orlando to Weston and today is February 24 and has not yet come .

    The tracking number is: 9505511091326049530459

    The shipping address is: 2098 Pasa Verde In, Weston, FL . 33327 .

    It is urgent .. this package should be coming to Venezuela .

    Thanks for the quick fix to this case

  350. Eva Gavidia

    Good day.

    Dear , Feb. 18 send a package from Orlando to Weston and today is February 23 and has not yet come .

    The tracking number is: 9505511091326049530459

    The shipping address is: 2098 Pasa Verde In, Weston, FL . 33327 .

    It is urgent .. this package should be coming to Venezuela .

    Thanks for the quick fix to this case

  351. Kim

    Never received my package & tracking gives me no information? Mind you it was sent for a 2-day delivery! !

  352. SF

    Upset with the priority mail 2 day service. I sent a package on Saturday, 2/20/2016, and still hasn’t arrived at its destination as of this evening and the tracking hasn’t been updated since 2/22/2016.

  353. Maria

    Maria Colon I was waiting for my package , they said they left a notification , that not true , I was and my home nobody ring the bell . Plus I live an the house , not apparment. I hope receipt my package tomorrow tracking # 9505 5104 0212 6050 0558 12. Please taught your mail man to look the #right Monday he left the next door mail in my house and no mine . Thank you for your help

  354. Chad Nastvogel

    My tracking information shows that the package was delivered today, however I received no package or mail for that matter. This was a expensive item I ordered from overseas and I am angry to think that it made it all the way here just to be given to the wrong address.

  355. Christian

    I have been trying to call the post office on Leon valley in San Antonio for over 2 hours and it just rings as busy every single time. My package is marked as undeliverable and I want to ask if they still have it at the location first instead of driving 30 minutes and it’s not there. Can somebody call me???

  356. Claina

    I know you guy’s are busy but this is the second time you guy’s loose my package, I looked at my tracking number and it say’s that you guy’s already delivered my package yesterday and it’s not. I’m not satisfy with this.

  357. Jill fernandez

    Tracking no is ez 034303907 us. Thanks

  358. Jill fernandez

    The package I send to Poland has been in custom clearance since February 18,2016. My boyfriend has been waiting for it since February 12.Need to know what is going on. Thank you. Mjfernandez

  359. Kim stehm

    They never scan stuff along the way. My package has said the same thing going on four days now. This is an occurring issue.

  360. Mesa

    My package is marked delivered in/at mailbox, but it was no where to be found.

  361. Alicia Paschal

    I was home all day when they “tried to deliver” my package. My door was open and everything. Good job Dayton for doing your job. You did not even blow your horn. Well at least you did not steal it like my last package.

  362. Kimberly Gray

    If my item was accepted in China February 22 at 7:22p.m. when can I expect it in purvis, ms 39475 (united states)

  363. Lizette muriel

    Mi paquete se suponía que llegará el sábado 20 febrero 2016 y hoy 22 febrero 2016 no ha recibido el paquete,no creo que los pasteles que envíe sirvan

  364. Anh Nguyen

    I would like to know why my order didn’t move for 24 days do anyone have the same problems of what I have?

  365. Hagir

    The item says delivered yesterday but I did not get it. Where is my package?

  366. lacy

    I send back a package to china on January 8 and the company has not received it and it now February 19 and say it in chicago. But no way to contact anyone to see what goi g on with it

  367. joe

    I want to know what happen to my package it says the label was created a month ago but that’s it ordered it to be here on time for my wife’s birthday and nothing not happy

  368. Margaret H

    My package has been sitting at the Canyon Lake facility since February 13, 2016! Why has it not been delivered?!

  369. Gary Saunders

    I was wondering why my package was taken so long Tracking 9405510200986406771750…..
    Thanks Gary

  370. Frederick church

    Im am not happy with ur Service i order n payed for my package to be here on time i payed for a 3 day shiping n its ben 8 day im vary upset u guys r supost to be a gd mailing Service so i hope to resolve this

  371. Laurina

    The post office on St Johns between Troy and Schnectady is the lousiest place to do business. My item was never delivered a notice was never left yet it says on line attempt was made no secure place to deliver. I have been home the entire time. I left my house after four days of being inside (not feeling) well) after my daughter is there (winter break). The postal people don’t do their jobs

  372. Sunday Bamisaye

    My express mail supposed to be 3-5 days that’s what I paid for to nigeria and it’s over 7 days nothing has been heard of it and the mail contains document needed for visa interview next week Wednesday

  373. CR Lemons

    Please let me know if overnight envelope got to address on 2-18-16;: HCR Exchange Inc.
    Dept 14301
    5505 M. Cumberland Ave. Suite 307
    Chicago Il 60656-1471
    Thank you, CR Lemons

  374. F. Brown

    Good day, at what time is mail tracking
    # EL161395327 us will be delivered

  375. Franklin

    Order #LS543065020CN
    It has always said undelivabre as address and than it sad expected delivery on February 16 and I still haven’t gone it anything !!

  376. Amanda Jettir

    My package was “Picked up and processed by agent” quite a long time ago. So, has my package just been sitting wherever the agent is since January? Nothing has updated since then.
    Tracking #: 420569509202394653021722761883.
    I would love an update.

  377. Ashley

    I’m still waiting on my package. I looked at the tracking information. I leave in south Carolina and my package made it to Greenville and now it’s in Asheville North Carolina. I’m not understanding this.

  378. devona fleming

    I have not recieve my product an I supose to get it by the 9th an today is the 17th an still not here tracking #940010969993818408755 when can I get my product

  379. devona fleming

    Devona fleming

  380. Yowilda

    My package was suppose to arrive February 9th and I still haven’t received it

  381. Debby Hill

    What is the E.T.D fir my package?

  382. Franco Badeon

    Muy package was supposed to arrived on the 12th and the seller told me that its available to pick it up. When I went to the post office they told that’s it is not with them .
    I keep going almost everyday but nothing
    Can you help me please?
    That trucking number is 9400109699938195810821

  383. Bruce Black

    Where is my package ? Tracking # 9400109699937319837201

  384. Bruce Black

    I would like to know why do a tracking# start out tracking and then it’s stop tracking that order . My tracking # is 9400109699937319837201 where is my package ?

  385. Marc-André Noiseux

    My item is stuck since 13-02 at Montreal . Visibly , no one is concerned about my 10 bucks , I paid on Amazon for fast Ship.

  386. Cary Gonzalez

    February 10 sent a package, correct date, and mt duagther haven’t received yet. Fron PR to New Jersey

  387. Cary Gonzalez

    Sent a package on February 19, 2016 from PR to New Jersey and my daughter haven’t recieved yet.

  388. Marc-André Noiseux

    I ordered this to be here before the 16-02 as I paid almost 10$ more for rapid shipping. We are the 17 of febuary and still no package. I had a project I won’t be able to complete because of that . I’m pretty angry and it feels like fraud. It was supposed to be delivered in less than 6 days …. now ….. I feel I will wait 2 other days. Unnacceptable . I will never use this service again as it doesn’t seems to accelerate anything at all ….

  389. Diane Dimayuga

    What does available for pick up mean when it says delivered?? I did an overnight mail and it is saying delivered but status at the bottom says available for pick up

  390. elisha

    Hey, I’ve used you guys before but I’ve never had a problem with locating my package, maybe the system hasn’t been updated but my tracking number is “LC603413909US” if that helps, thank you! 🙂

  391. Aaron Alcine

    USPS tracking information says that 2 packages have been delivered to my front door/porch, however I have not received either package. I have checked online for the ordee details and I entered my address correctly. I can only assume that my packages have delivered to the wrong address. Mailmen/women need to be more careful.

  392. Vinchenzo Amanzo tracking number

    I was supposed to recived a package today at maximun at 8p.m. but i did not i am very angry cust im traveling and this item is requiered for it and it is ruins my plans.
    Tracking package number 9374889878304518462978

  393. Manuela

    I would appreciate if your workers actually attempted to deliver. Just received an attempted delivery message when I am here in my home waiting for delivery.

  394. Michelle Banda

    #70153010000197517168 nobody seem to know who has it nor where its at or person who signed for it

  395. Ricky Riley

    Really disappointed that my package has not yet been delivered especially after paying a premium for priority mail express international shipping. A small Valentine’s present is till sitting in Customs…OMG!!!! Are you kidding me?

  396. Owen

    If I am getting a package delivered to Victoria BC from Los Angeles by plane where in Canada would it land and go though customs

  397. nate

    I own a barbershop and have had a package lost or stolen and now im waiting on another package to arive so the same thing dont happen again. I seriously dont have money to waist on irresponsible mail carriers. Either you bring my packages in to me or take them with you to deliver another day. I dont want to make a scene in your building so get it together or ill be making a nasty visit. Thank you

  398. Anh Nguyen

    I need to fine my Oder please RR175084228TH

  399. Claudia bargas

    My friend did buy a couple hoodies and this was on January 9 , 2016 and it was supposed to be delivered the January 12 and its still not delivered yet.
    I’m so disappointed because the last time he buy me something the delivery was on time..

  400. Ernesto

    My package was delivered on time ! Friendly and helpful staff.

  401. Deanna

    My package was picked up Feb 2 and I tracked it to Canada Feb 8 and still have not received it or have had any update on where it is?

  402. Renee Wilson

    Very poor service , with the recent increase in postage I expect my packages on time not a week and a half late

  403. Renee Wilson

    My package shipped from the seller on Feb 4th. Its been stuck in NJ since the 5th. WHY? WHERE IS MY PACKAGE? I didn’t pay all that sipping to have it sit in NJ all this time. Please ship my package the rest of the way. Upset customer in Northern Wisconsin.

  404. Cheryl Sheaks

    No confirmation my delivery has been completed no response listed in chain of events since 2-8-16. Need date of confirmed delivery

  405. Melody Frye

    I paid for a priority parcel to be delivered on 2/12/2016 and per the tracker it states that the package is out for delivery, however there is no mail deliveries to the campus on Saturday’s. So when is the package going to get to the destination?

  406. Jason

    Shit service. Hasn’t updated my package at all.

  407. Scott Shipley

    After seeing the package problems some people had, I wasn’t going to send this. But, I saw that you are not the shipper nor the USPS, only the tracker, so this is your main service & could do better:
    My initial tracking shows 5 entries; all state the same time, message & location. I know simple programming can compare those & eliminate duplicates, at least on my end. See if IT can do this since even off-the-shelf software certainly would automatically:

  408. Anely

    what is the number? happen to me the same post ofice said left the packet in door but i have no recived any packet how can i do? 4 years in my home never it hapen to me before

  409. darlene

    Great site

  410. Mansour

    I did not receive any package

  411. brian


  412. brian

    This is Brian again, this package was supposed to go Eugene, it made it there, but not to its destination, left there and went to Seattle Washington, back to Eugene again and there it sits, I have called the post office and it seems like they are not to concerned, so now we are going try fedex, this all started January 16th, and now it’s the 26th, that’s what you call 2 day priority

  413. All in one tracking team Post author

    The parcel is “Available for Pickup”. It means, that the parcel will be delivered tomorrow.

  414. eliana

    Hey there;

    I am requesting this package track number 9405509699939630180236

    The day you place on Monday reported that arrived.

    Today is Tuesday and I have not even received .



  415. Amanda

    Sent a package from Ontario Canada on Jan 10th@ 1:40pm an the tracking email I was sent when reached at destination “delivered” never told me what post office an address for said individual to be able to pick package up, was wondering on how to find out exactly where my package Is at now?

    Thank you.

  416. brian

    Brian again, thank you for the response, but I have contacted the post office and they have not found my package yet, the guy I did talk to was very helpful, this package was sent on the 16th and now is the 22nd , 2 day priority, this is getting frustrating! There was a reason why I sent it priority, I’m very concerned about this.

  417. brian

    Oh I have called, and you don’t know where the package is

  418. All in one tracking team Post author

    Hi Brian, if it’s so, please call the local USPS center. But the delivery process is going well, so the parcel will be delivered soon.

  419. Nanise

    My package is tracked as having been delivered but I never received it.

  420. brian

    2 day priority mail on sent the 16th, and now it’s 21st, it’s only 80 miles away and my package still has not showed up yet, this is ridiculous, what happened to 2 day priority, is this done on purpose to show that they need more people? Since they had cut backs? Who knows! But they are very important documents that are in space!

  421. All in one tracking team Post author

    We could try to help you. Could you please give us your tracking number for further informations?

  422. All in one tracking team Post author

    The customer care center of USPS is:
    Call: 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)
    TDD/TTY Relay: Call 1-800-877-8339. Ask for 1-800-275-8777

    Hours of Operation
    Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
    Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET

  423. Leigh brown

    Not real happy with service. I went into post office to refuse pkg. As of today 1/20 it has not reached it’s destination. When I go to post office, the supervisor tells me it just hasn’t had a chance to get there because of holiday. Can you help?

    Thank you

  424. Julmar Shaun Sadicon Toralde

    Tracking systems says the package has been delivered and is on or at the mailbox. I have checked my house and the mailbox and the package is not present in both locations.

  425. Julian

    How can I contact usps?

  426. Hope

    I have been home all day and was waiting for a package that was scheduled for delivery tonight. After sitting and waiting, I suddenly get a notice that an attempted delivery was made from Amazon. No one came to my door, my house even. I went outside to double check for a notice or something. Nothing was left. Why would an attempted delivery be made with no notice left? Where is my package? How do I get my package???

  427. Benito Alarcón

    Why should be my packed last nigth at home and they put on the scream than is already delivered when i dont found nothing on my front door …

  428. malika

    I sent a international package to France through USPS December 17th. The package went to Texas, then to Chicago, after that to Miami, and now it is stuck in Barbados since Dember 30th. I can’t get a clear answer from the post offices inquiries nor from the 1 800 number I called to file a complaint. Last explanation I got is that it’s at the Barbados customs clearance and they have no right of contacting them because it’s overseas! !!!!

  429. Bruce

    My brother shipped to packages to me one overnight and the other priority. The last scan was still in Ohio January 5th. It’s January 9th and no packages. Cost a lot and no service. I’m done with that company delivering my packages.

  430. admin Post author

    We are sorry to hear that but we cannot really help you with that. Please contact USPS

  431. admin Post author

    It is at customs

  432. admin Post author

    Please contact USPS directly to resolve the issue

  433. admin Post author

    Hard to do so, as we are not USPS. We can’t do any estimation, sorry.

  434. admin Post author

    Please call USPS and make the claim for damaged parcel or contact sender

  435. admin Post author

    There are always chances that it get stuck or some other reason like overloaded delivery chain.

  436. admin Post author

    Maybe it has not been picked up yet? Call the place where you dropped it.

  437. admin Post author

    It means that the address was not correct and you could not be found. Contact USPS for more details

  438. admin Post author

    During the season there are delays. Try track it again and call USPS if there is no progress yet

  439. admin Post author

    Please track the parcel to find out

  440. admin Post author

    It’s at Customs Clearance since December 22, 2015, 12:17 pm

  441. admin Post author

    Call USPS to find out what the reason is.

  442. Angele Celenceviciene

    To whom it my concern
    I mailed package Dec.12 express international. Today is dec28 the package is still in transit; when first one was deliver ed dec19.What is happening?I mail to packages the same time and day.What does it mean “in transit”? Did you lost it?By the way It was insured.

  443. jeff greene

    Please advise why it’s taking my Christmas package so long to reach…I was told 10 days… #CX227768463US

  444. Jennifer Mohammed

    A package was post out for me from London since December 25th 2015, I haven’t receive my package. Please help me out.

  445. Daniel Stewart

    I sent three package out priority mail 2 to 3 delivery and it is now 6 days and one of the packages did not even get delivered yet and no one at the post office will even

  446. Tricia Mckeon

    Trying to find my package that was delivered to wrong address and now I have no idea where it’s at. WAS a Christmas gift so thank you for ruining that.

  447. Jacquelyn

    My item hasn’t been tracked since December 20th as per your website. Will it arrive before Christmas? It was shipped December 19th. Tracking # LZ661906735US

  448. Marli

    Can you please HELP !
    I send a small package from CHAMPAIGN, Illinois , December 15 to my son in SUMERVILLE, MASSACHUSTER . For some reason the packet is stuck in DENVER , COLORADO. ??? It went to the opposite direction.
    This is the first time in 27 years that we will not be expending Christmas with our son, since he need to work. That’s why I send him the care package. Please, I really would appreciate your HELP !
    Thank you !

  449. Sean lesink

    What does undeliverable address mean?

  450. Candace Putinta

    I mailed a flat rate Priority package to my granddaughter on December 15. My daughter gave me the wrong address. The tracking number shows it forwarded on the 17th but there has been no scanning activity since then, and my granddaughter has not submitted a forwarding order. Where is my package? Shouldn’t it be returned to me?

  451. Bailey

    I dropped my package off on Dec 15 from SoCal to Denver, CO. It is now the 21st and it the tracking info has nothing. It says it hasn’t even been scanned or received by USPS yet. What is going on?

  452. Olga I Lopez Diaz

    I sent my package since December 4 from Rochester NY to Puerto Rico. And others packages that sent after this one, I’m already received. Who can explain me that.? Sincerely I do not understand.

  453. Olga I Lopez Diaz

    Who paid for the damage articles, who explain to little kids about wait for santas gift after 25, if we paid and done sent package on time and priority services. Can you explain me?

  454. Olga I Lopez Diaz

    Hi.I want to know abiut my package that send in December 4 by priority mail. I paid for priority mail and today do not received it yet. They told my that the date probably to delivery was December 8. I do the tracking way and see the package in Main TN . Can you explain me how many days I have to wait for the package that I paid priority?

  455. Donna

    Not happy I know it’s a busy season but I paid for priority and the box was to be delivered on the 16th as of a few minutes ago box is still in PA I hope someone will email me

  456. LULU

    There service is not at all great. They do not pick up the phone or let you talk to an agent. They clearly have no clue on how to deliver their product to people on time. Never in life get your product or use USPS for delivery.
    Thank You

  457. Alma

    Could you tell me, how can find out the address where my package was delivered? I entered my tracking number and it tells me the time that the package was delivered. Party that was receiving the package claims they never got it, so is there way to connect my tracking number with the delivery address.
    Thank you

  458. jason

    thank you for updating me. i appreciate it very much

  459. jason

    could you at least give me a phone no. to contact the right department so i dont just get a recording. thanks

  460. admin Post author

    Hey Jason, Sorry, but we are not USPS, hence cannot influence the transport nor tell you why things are done they way they are done. Please call USPS directly to find out, why things take so long. We hope for your understanding

  461. jason

    why arent you replying back to me?

  462. admin Post author

    Please call USPS to resolve this issue

  463. enith torres

    I paid for 3 days delivery to puertorico an the package is still in chicago I mail the package dec/3 and is dec./ 10 this is ridiculous.

  464. jason

    my package left from utah on dec 2nd. its been 2 days since the last update since the parcel left louisville on the 8th of dec. headed for toronto, canada, surely it doesnt take 2 days to fly there. why are there no more updates? is this what first class delivery is supposed to be like with usps. i would appreciate that you find out where my parcel is and give me a phone no. to the usps central st. that is not just a recording so i can find out where it is. thank you

  465. admin Post author

    Sorry that we cannot help you. Please call USPS directly to resolve this issue.

  466. admin Post author

    We are providing the tracking service. Please contact the sender or USPS directly if package get lost etc.

  467. admin Post author

    Due to peak seasons, there are usually some delays. USPS tries to deliver on time, but this is never assured.

  468. admin Post author

    Hey Jason, we didn’t stop, it is only that there have not been any updates after that

  469. jason

    you have stopped tracking my item from the departure in louisville. why!!!

  470. Petra Alling

    I am not very happy. My package was said to be in Mesa AZ by Dec. 7th, but it sat at the Memphis, TN facility two whole days. My daughter missed an appointment because of that. What was going on? Please respond.

  471. abril

    I have’nt resived my mail, the sender send it Nov, 23 and sent 2 boxes. I got one on time and then the other i have not resived it. Theu keep saying that the sender send it threw the slowest type of mailing they have but they said it sbould be hear in 15 days!!!!! Its been 15 days already. Im geting my stuff shiped fro. Texas not china….. I want my stuff or not my money i spend for my stuff!!! And there hasnt been no updates whats so ever in where my package is

  472. Marisela

    Im having a problem opening my mailbox, I think something is stuck inside since Friday Dec 4th . Can you please take a look at it ??? thank you.

  473. admin Post author

    Hey Charles,

    We are not able to check this case, as we are only providing the tracking service. Please contact USPS directly.

  474. Charles Wilson

    I paid a fee of $26.50 on Oct. 14th, 2015 at the Augusta, GA Post Office. The manager at that facility said if the package I mailed should not get to the intended recipient in 30 days, I could at least receive my mailing postage back. It has been 60 days since mailing. Could I get a phone call at (256) (hidden) or receive an email advising me how I get the mailing fee back?

    Thank you.
    Charles E. Wilson

  475. admin Post author

    Have you contacted the shipper? There might have been a mistake on their side. Did you complain to the local post office or the USPS call center?

  476. admin Post author

    Hey, Please call USPS directly for this matter. We are only providing the tracking service.

  477. James Riley

    I’m upset my pkg has been shipped all over the place except to my 61445 nobody can tell me why zip code 27661 it never made it to my post office for which I have complained

  478. Jona Morency

    Tracking # 9407809699938982869911

    How come this tracking info was never been updated since it reached Chicago Metro hub few days ago??!! I need someone to update the info on tracking online!! This is messing up my business!!!

  479. Henry

    My package was delivered on time by the driver

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