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Enhancing company’s competitiveness is a top priority for SAIA. The SAIA network has about 9,000 staff and 148 terminals encompasses 34 states in the United States in addition to Canada. Through the associates’ network, they serve the larger United States including Hawaii and Alaska, plus Mexico and Puerto Rico. Through the operational service groups – Saia Logistics Services, Saia LTL, and LinkEx – SAIA proffer holistic logistics and transportation solutions.

SAIA shipment tracking and its benefits

SAIA is among the most renowned LTL Trucking companies based in the U.S. Through a web portal a user can schedule for a pick-up request, track consignments, calculate expenditures and much more via the official site. These ground-breaking services and techniques have made our company trendier in this digital age. Among the things that put SAIA ahead of the pack is our system for cargo tracking. This system, which has been developed during our nine decades of business, has given the customers the capability to know where their consignments are at any time they want. SAIA has set up a contemporary system which is super-competent and best of all is that it is very user-friendly. A user does not have to be a techie to be able to operate our company’s freight tracking system.

The SAIA Freight Tracking Method

There are various methods of tracking your cargo through our freight system of follow-up. These processes include:
  • Track by PRO Numbers
  • Track by Pickup Numbers
  • Track by Bill of Lading
  • Track by Purchase Order
  • Track by Shipper Number
  • Track by Partner PRO
These tracking techniques can be found at the SAIA’S Track It menu on our website’s left-hand side. The above tabs are found under the Track It menu.

Tracking in mobile applications for SAIA

For the frequent users and companies, it is handier to make use of mobile applications to benefit from the LTL Freight services. Fortunately, SAIA proffers mobile applications that are well-suited with both Android and iOS platforms. The SAIA’s motor freight tracking is amongst the most regularly utilized feature by the mobile app users.

SAIA Success

Excellent customer service has and will always be the cornerstone of our company’s accomplishments. As too has operational superiority. With a large staff of skilled, experienced individuals and advanced IT systems, SAIA is well positioned to serve customers nationwide and internationally. SAIA is highly recommended as your reliable shipper you do not have to wait for long to get the outcome of your tracking request. For more information visit our website at

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