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The United States Postal Service (USPS) was born out of a principle that every citizen has a right to a low cost and reliable delivery service. The system now delivers 213 billion items to 156 million addresses annually.

Company Development

USPS Tracking - Copyright by USPSUSPS dates back to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as Postmaster General and the service provided was immediately recognised as vital to the development of a vast, newly emerging nation. Since its early beginnings the business has been constantly adopting new technologies and methods of transportation to help it live up to the motto, ‘Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.’ The early introduction of free delivery for newspapers ensured that literacy rates were the highest in the World for many years and loss making deliveries to the remotest communities ensured that knowledge was passed quickly and efficiently enabling the country to develop very rapidly. The Pony Express started in 1860, cutting days off delivery times in some areas, but lasted only 18 months before it superseded by the transcontinental telegraph line. Rural Free Delivery in 1896 and then Parcel Post in 1913 enabled the new concept of mail order shopping to take off, used by as much as 25 percent of the population in its early days.

Airmail began in 1918, originally using army planes and personnel, but this was taken over in 1920, and formed the basis for the US air industry today. The number of items being sent grew rapidly from the 1930s to the 60s and a search for more efficient systems lead to the introduction of the Zone Improvement Plan, commonly known as ZIP codes. In 2001 a business alliance was formed with FedEx Express which allowed USPS to improve its services without adding additional costs. The business remains as a standalone branch of the US Government and is self financing; competing for trade in the communication, distribution, delivery, advertising and retail markets.

The Delivery Process

USPS uses Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb) to label the items it carries with a unique identity in the form of a fluorescent pattern on the back and a black version on the front. This is completed automatically by machines that can read hand written or printed addresses. The collection and delivery service follows a standard spoke and hub format to connect sorting depots in ever increasing sizes. The hubs are divided into; Network Distribution Centres, Auxiliary Sort facilities, Sectional Centre Facilities and Destination Delivery Units. Distances of under 200 miles are generally covered by trucks and vans, while anything further away is transported by air. The USPS system is used by companies like UPS and FedEx where it fits in with their schedules, particularly to rural areas, which brings in additional revenue. Similarly, UPS has an agreement to deliver first Class and Priority Post for USPS across 98 US cities. The company now employs over 700,000 workers to handle the annual load of 213 billion items.

USPS Pricing

USPS Schipments - Copyright by USPSThere are a number of different mailing options with USPS with price dependant upon the service, size and weight of the item. Express Mail is used for letters, envelopes, tubes and packaged items with a two day delivery schedule including basic insurance. Priority Mail is slightly slower but cheaper; both options have a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds and length of 108 inches. First Class Mail does not set a specific delivery time period although it does not normally exceed three days. Parcel Post is described as the affordable and reliable way to send packages, but again with the same weight and size limitations of Express Mail. Media Mail is usually the cheapest option but is limited to books, manuscripts and other readable media formats.

Package Safety

There are a number of additional features that can be included in the delivery service by USPS which enhance the security of the item being sent. The services are Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation and additional insurance cover up to a value of $1,000. These allow for the tracking of high value items and proof that the package has been posted and received in the case of disputes.

USPS Tracking Options

USPS uses a system known as CONFIRM to track items through its delivery process, which uses the IMb – Intelligent Mail Barcodes, printed on the packages, that provide a unique code for each one. The IMbs are read by a Intelligent Mail Devices (IMDs) which feed the information into a central database. The IMbs are read at each hand over along the route, either by fixed or hand held units, which provides an accurate way of determining when each stage is reached. The customer has different levels of access to the tracking data dependent upon the level of service that they purchased. If Priority Mail Express was selected then entering the label number will provide point-by-point tracking information; USPS Tracking, Certified Mail and Registered Mail will show when it was despatched for delivery. IMb technology can also be used to track incoming mail and also identify the sender. In addition, there is the ADVANCE system which provides a series of reports for companies that are sending out bulk mailings of advertising material and periodicals. This can provide useful information on the intended audience, incorrect addresses and confirmation that the service purchased was achieved successfully. This replaces manual publication tracking requests and provides a much higher level of information at a reduced cost.

By combining forces with other companies that might be seen as competitors USPS is managing to remain financially secure and independent. Despite the growing use of the internet the volume of items that are being delivered is still increasing year on year.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

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  1. Jorge cruz

    Buen día me mandaron un paquete de folckroft y aún no llega a México desde enero que lo compre la fecha límite de entrega era en marzo y aún no llega como puedo checarlo por que el número de guía que me dieron no lo puedo rastrear um3516851us
    Que puedo hacer

  2. Anthony D'Amico

    USPS 9534616282457130199485, Delivered, Frnt Dr/Porch 05/13/2017 3:51pm BAYONNE NJ 07002 Reply HELP 4 help-STOP to cancel

    This is what tracking states, BUT person on the front porch NEVE SAW A USP person till 20:00 hrs

    1. All in one tracking team Post author

      Better call UPS, that could be a mistake. This could happen…

  3. Willie

    It’s been six month since I mail my package by
    priority express an I haven’t got it sent back
    yet because it didn’t get to it destination
    wish was Bronx NY Is there anyone still looking
    for it Tracking # Ek725663185us

  4. michael

    EL 572434257 is my tracking I lost my parsel before this this one is sending once more but nothing to display with my tracking number it is my third day.

  5. Antonio Dominick

    Yes I’m trying to track my package the last post and the track was March 24th and today is March 30th so I haven’t heard nothing for the last 6 days been updated at all my tracking number is LW034485405CN. If someone can look into this matter I really appreciate it thank you.

  6. Jorge Cabrera

    El correo más malo del mundo se encuentra en Miami una república bananera la oficina de correo más mala de todo los EUA se encuentra en el 425 del NW y la 27 th avenida Miami fl 33125 hay desde el supervisor y algunos empleados de correos tratan muy pero muy mal a los clientes y los paquetes o envió no llegan nunca a su destinó mi recomendación una buena limpieza en esta casa porque así no vamos a llegar muy lejos con estos empleados del correos de los Estados unidos Que dios bendiga a América

  7. Kimberly Fulce

    Hello, I need to know where my package is now?….The last thing it is showing is where it was last night…..It shipped from California yesterday morning which was March 23rd.

  8. Diane

    I sent a first class package from Delaware with tracking # 9400109699937333058149 to an APO AE. It was mailed on 2/14/17 and reached the Chicago hub on 2/16/17. And that is the end of the tracking information on the USPS website. It is now 3/20/17, and the package has still not reached its destination! Who do I need to call to find out where the package is? Please help, if you can. Thank you.

  9. Lizette

    Envie un paquete priority para q llegara en tres dias lo cual se supone q llegara el lu es 13 de marzo 2017 y hasta la fecha eSta en el post office en chicago nesecito saber por q todavia no ha llegado a su destino .

    Si hay alguien q me pudiera contestar se lo agradesere

    Gracias .

  10. Darin Manning

    I have not received mine telephone tracking number 900 11089 +852-300-492-0706

  11. Willie

    I am still waiting to find out what happened
    to my package mailed four months ago.
    Tracking #Ek725663185us.

  12. Brandon Burgess

    My package has been sitting in L.A. since 3/9, why has it not been delivered? L.A. is only 260 miles from my house. LT862035528CN


    CASILLARY: EC154X63463N

  14. Lisa stone


  15. Clarence Beckham

    Why does a package from Texas go to St Paul then to Iowa for delivery in Wisconsin????????…then for 20 sits in a black hole 2 days after it was supposed to be delivered???..I could’ve drove to Texas by then.. and I still haven’t gotten it!!!!!!..Terrible service

  16. Miguel Rivera

    Hi, I suposse recieve my package this morning, as my tracking number 9400111897816829483968 said, please let me know when I’ll recieve it.

  17. Iris Ramirez

    Hello …. my tracking number RR809463753VU say that I received my product in March 9 . but nothing arrived still.. somebody could help me with that please ….

  18. Charles House

    Why does it always seem that with United States postal service I get one day of tracking March 10th and then nothing until it arrives.Today is March 14th.It was in New Jersey March 10th.I live in Connecticut,New Haven.I have issues with theft at my Apartment Complex and it is imperative that I have a general idea when my item will arrive being as usps leaves it at the door without even knocking and if I’m not aware of it chances are it will be stolen.So once again no tracking from March 10th thru March 14th so far. Tracking # 9400111699000294259269. Please let me know if you know anything more than it’s in New Jersey.

  19. Mariano Estenoz

    I place this order long time ago my tracking is lt445135065cn

  20. Steve Richey

    Damn it… don’t leave the packages at the front door.. DUH! Theives look for them and steal them.. I had a package delivered to my 94 year old mother and the tracking ticket says it was “left at the front door”.. You got to be dumber than a sack of hair to leave a package at the door and leave this time of year.. at ten in the morning.. just go inside the nursing home she’s in and give it to the desk gal.. There’s always someone at home and awake there.. and you left the package at the door and left..
    We pay extra for your service…. and this is what we get???!!!! Left outside.. idiots!!!!!

  21. Whitney

    I ordered something from Amazon and was told it would arrive on one day then that it would come the day before. Then I was sent an email that they had a delay and it may not come until 3 days after the original date. When I looked at the usps tracking to me it looked as though the carrier had no clue what they were doing as I was told it was out for delivery and found nothing. I was thenough looked again and saw it was sent to three different places, all relative to my area. I’m not sure if this was something with Amazon, usps or both, but I don’t think it was very reliable, nor that they are doing a good job in whatever area this applies to

  22. john

    just in case my tracking number is 9300189843900226240619

  23. john

    I tracked the item that was paid and sent to me and it says delivered. but when i checked the mail today all i got was just mail and no yellowish package. i even asked anyone in my house if they saw a package.

  24. Rose Sommers

    My grandson’s birthday is today, September 30th and his package went to California instead of Overland Park, Kansas!

    I am very upset that he will not receive his birthday package today. I sent it Priority Mail on September 26th.

    I’ve been tracking his package and today it shows that his birthday gift was sent to California. This is heartbreaking for me and will be disappointing for him. Shame on you USPS!

  25. Alison Reilly

    I always track my packages and often on the date of the scheduled delivery it doesnt show up until the next day. Undependable. I prefer UPS or FED EX which is typically reliable. I hate when a vendor uses USPS because there is often a problem or delay.

  26. Fidencia Pequeno

    My package was not delived bcause i forgot to put apt number.. Its is 100 s laventure rd apt D 105 mouny vernon wa 98274 tracking numner 9400111699000248053547
    Please reyry again
    Fidencia Pequeno.

  27. David Dancer

    USPS is the worst.

  28. Jennifer Platt

    I have a package sent in August (the 18th) that was undeliverable but still hasn’t been returned. The tracking number is 9500 1124 9011 6228 0069 19 Wondering when it will be returned.

  29. Derek

    I’d like to know an E.T.A on my package so I can get my car running for a large car show on Oct 8th thanks for your time.

    1. Bruce Anderson

      Just trying to see you what the holdup is it says package was processed through USPS 11/10/16 tracking number Lt317822701cn

  30. Luis P

    I can’t track these though USPS, can you help me?
    Where can I track incoming registered mail from Europe?

  31. Corey

    i waited 21 days for my package to get to chicago from china using usps and now its been sitting in Chicago for 6days it says inbound into customs what does this mean am i not going to get my package this is BS ill never use usps again

  32. Frank Gorora

    My package was not delivered to the address I sent it. Said the person moved and was undeliverable. Well She lives there so I don’t know what happened. NOw will they send the package back to me? My Tracking # 9505512992096265043220

  33. Loren Brown

    I received an email from usps stating i had a delivery but am unaware of how to track it due to my unknowing of this transfer. What staps would i take in tracking this confirmation and completion.

  34. Thomas

    Your web site is armature and takes forever to get to the section to review. My letter sent July 27, 2016 and still has not been delivered to date and no answer as to where it is. Number 70160340000019714511. Where is it????????.

  35. Joe Rinck


  36. Joe Rinck

    looking for pkg that says delivered sat 9/24
    i did not receive it.
    tracking # is 9274899990135224380901
    can anyone help?

  37. Alysha

    I would like to know why my package has been sitting in L.A. for the past week!!!!!! When it should already be in CANADA! tracking number LX309946899US

  38. Julie Meyer

    I received package one of two on 9/26/16 and when I wrote a letter to Amazon, they got me the tracking number for package two. It says that after Chicago, it went to Pennsylvania and is there now…I wonder why it went several hundred miles east instead of 100 miles north like package one did….tracking number I’m wondering when it will be coming around this part of the country again.

  39. Tee

    It says a note was left but there was none. Also someone is always home. I suspect it was taken to a different apartment or something.

  40. Luz Santana

    very unhappy with the USPS I paid priority mail on 09/10/16 and today 09/27/16 my package is nowhere to be found, very irresponsible . I have called various times, nobody seems to know where the package is. All I need it to get to the destination, or at least return it back to me.

  41. Cody

    I ordered something on ebay and had my OLD address in and didn’t realize until the day it shipped. Ebay still says it was delivered and at my old address they claim they never received. In tracking it says it is ‘undeliverable as addressed’ where do I go from here??

  42. Kolbey Hightower

    My tracking number is 9361269903501173309421. Just wanted to know when my package should arrive. Thanks.

  43. Mike Maloney

    My Package has been “In Transit” for month. The last movement was one (1) Week Ago, yes seven (7) days “Departed Shipping Center” in Western Nassau NY to travel less that 130 miles by land from my home. Not that the Turn Around Time (TAT) on the shipments is abysmal, but the “up to date status” is incredibly poor and from what I can tell unreliable. Exceptionally disappointing results over a month and I still do not have my packages.

  44. Derrick Burns

    Have not received my package. When I put in the tracking number it say it was delivered and left with individual. Who is this individual? It’s not me, not my neighbors, and not the apartment staff. Did you deliver it? Was it given to some guy walking down the street? I would like this problem addressed. Please contact me so I can provide the tracking number and get this resolved.

  45. Ana Rivera

    I send my product about a week and a didn’t receive

  46. Dustin

    Thanks for bringing my package all the way to its destination then sending it back, luckily it was time sensitive so thanks postal service for screwing that up

  47. Shawn

    Why did I waste$6.45 to send priority when regular mail would have delivered my letter in the same amount of time? I would love to know in what manner my letter was given priority. It was to be delivered today but it has only been sorted so won’t arrive until Monday. So infuriating!

  48. Treshonne Dearing

    I have been waiting on my wallet for a week going on two now and I can’t get to work without my wallet that’s in the package so can I get some type of assistance from you guys

  49. Rae

    My package still isn’t here eve though it says “delivered” it’s been almost 24 hrs since is was supposably delivered. I just want my package esp when it says it was delieved. Did they just mark it delivered or what? I was home all day yesterday waiting for it and nothing. No knock at my door, no package, nothing. I’ve ordered from this company many times and it’s always come from usps on time and at my door. But not this time. What’s going on? Where is my package?

  50. david stephens

    9500115376976264022869 hasnt been updated in 3 days was sceduled for friday delivery its saturday and no updates please let me know where my package is


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