Con-Way / XPO Tracking

XPO Logistics take time to get to acquainted with clients and recognize their particular needs. This permits to utilize industry know-how to deliver custom-made services. XPO conduct business with one accord of a highly incorporated network of people, automation and physical properties in 34 countries, with more than 86,000 employees and about 1,500 locations. This network is used to aid customers to handle their goods more proficiently all through their supply chains.

Con-Way / XPO Tracking of your Shipment

From the main page at it is possible to directly track a shipment. Just input the consignment PRO number in the search bar. The PRO number (A PRO number is used by hauliers to categorize and track the movement of their cargo) contains nine digits for identifying a cargo bill attached to loads in the form of a scan able barcode sticker. After entering the PRO number, your shipment tracking results will be displayed. Clients can track numerous consignments, from the Manage It menu, choose “Tracking.” From there, you can trace up to 35 shipments each at a time by inputting legitimate PRO numbers, separated by commas or each on its own line.

How do the registered portal users track shipment:

Evidently, part of the competence that XPO is proud of is our zealous and all-inclusive tracking procedure. Again, this can be further broken down into some distinct phases as follows to allow portal users to track their shipment:
  • PRO Number
  • Pickup Request Confirmation Number
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Shipper’s Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Customs Bond Number

Benefits of tracking a shipment service:

  • 1) Speed and Scalability: With such powerful tracking features on XPO online portal there are no extra resources required to manage your shipment, even as your company grows and ships more cargo.
  • 2) High visibility: XPO streamlined operations are effectual in the reorganization of the transport process, from checking loads to conversing with clients as often as possible. Customers can also supervise their shipment via the online customer support tools the we proffer.
  • 3) Interspersed solutions: XPO work with all sizes of businesses to assist them to control their supply chains more resourcefully, and lower the cost of business operations, by using several supply chain solutions via the XPO web tools. Besides, empower staff to proffer top-notch customer services through information technology.
In the rare event of the tracking service not working, contact the support team at and, thy will gladly assist you to get back on track.